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    New build, digging starts today. Measuring?

    Hi, everyone! Excited to finally have our IG pool project start today! We have double checked all the measurements sprayed on the ground and they are all within a few inches variance of the plan. Once dug, what measurements are we needing to take? I feel like I’ve read to measure once rebar is...
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    New build in Charlotte, NC. Need equipment insight please

    Hello, everyone! We are newbies, getting ready to sign a contact in the next few days for our pool. We are trying to do our homework and just want to confirm equipment selection/recommendations with y’all to ensure we are making the right choices. The biggest questions we have right now is...
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    New pool build in Charlotte, NC-Please critique and advise

    Hi, everyone! We are in the finalizing stages with our PB. We have gone through the design process with three PB’s and feel very comfortable with the PB we’ve chosen. He’s come well recommended from several sources and has been very accommodating to our requests/questions. We will be new...