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    Antifreeze and main drain

    I’m closing my pool for the first time. From what I saw on the net, I should be pouring 1/2 gallon of RV anti-freeze into the skimmer line. I poured about a quarter gallon and it won’t go down any more. Is that normal. I did blow out all the water using an air compressor. Also, main drain at...
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    0 CYA and 0 Chlorine

    3rd year of pool ownership but this is my first year I'm opening by myself.... and got it from a green swamp to clear water in about a week. Trying to tweak some things for next open so I can get this time down... and more importantly, cost down. As soon as I was able to get my pump going...
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    Aldi Chlorine

    I've been using bleach from ALDI for couple years but now they are saying 2 bottles per customer (due to COVID). Where are you guys getting them now? I need cheaper alternative than powder that I get from Menards (just dump over $100 during the opening phase).
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    Does 30k pool need 2 pumps?

    I think my pool circulation is a bit lacking. Do you think 30k gallon pool needs 2 pumps?
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    Standard pool ladder?

    Bought a house with a pool but is missing a ladder. Are the ladders standard? Any universal ladders I can purchase?
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    Sta-rite cartridge filter

    I have a sta-rite system 3 cartridge filter. With new filters put in about a month ago. I've been cleaning before and after every swim (a bit excessive). Our water has been sort of cloudy. These couple of weeks we hardly got in the pool. And noticed all the sediments dropped to the bottom and...
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    Calcium Chloride - Need to add about 72lbs

    My CH is sitting at around 150ppm and trying to raise it to 300ppm. I've been reading here that you can just go to a hardware store and buy calcium chloride. Is this safe to use? Price per pound...
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    Does low calcium cause cloudiness?

    Pool looks pretty decent but can’t get it to crystal clear. Any thoughts? Fc 6.5 Cc .5 ph 7.2 Cya 40 Ch 150 Ta 160 Was maybe thinking it’s the calcium level?
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    Adding DE to Sand Filter.. but what about Cartridge Filter?

    I read here that adding DE can improve your filtering to clear up cloudy waters. Is there something similar for cartridge?
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    Cloudiness not going away

    I’ve been slamm’ing for about a week and cloudiness is not going away. Been keeping fc at around 10-14.. today I upped it to 22. Virtually no CYA. Should I keep it in 20s?
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    CYA testing shows nothing...

    I have a 40k gallon pool and have added about 3lbs of Stabilizer so far. And when I use TF-100 to test CYA level, I can't get the dot to disappear. Should I be adding more stabilizer?