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    AquaPure 1400PLC generating less chlorine than last year - no error codes

    I've got a vinyl salt water pool with cartridge filters and a two-year-old AquaPure 1400PLC. Last year I ran it at 30% with the pump running an average of 12 hours a day. Chlorine levels were fine (1-3 ppm) all summer without shocking. I started this year by running it at 50% for 12 hour per...
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    Jandy LXi 250 heater - troublesome little thing!

    Hi all! We have a Jandy LXi 250 heater for our salt water pool. Pool and equipment are about six years old. The heater has been giving me a bunch of trouble lately and I was hoping someone here may have some insight. Shortly after opening the pool, I had to replace a cracked igniter. After...