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    Toy fell into attached SPA floor drain, advice requested!

    Good morning, I am in need of your expertise/advise. I have a fairly new in ground gunite pool with attached spa. Earlier this week, I noticed a toy (fake plastic coin, slightly bigger than silver dollar, only a little smaller than diameter of pipe maybe 5mm thick) sitting within the floor...
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    Pentair ic40 - salt reading Zero on phone app

    I am having problems with my SWG. Everything is functioning, except 0ppm on screen logic. I can adjust output % and it changes accordingly. Seems to be chlorinating. Unit is only approx 6 months old. All lights green on the unit. No error codes. Water temp 90f. Any resolution for this? thanks
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    New Plaster Pool, 1st test results

    Good afternoon, New pool owner, new pool build, first time poster. Pool was plastered 3 weeks ago. PB has been 'maintaining' it since fill. They did an acid startup, have since reversed it. They have been using tricolor pucks. Added salt a few days ago and the IC40 has been running at 60%...