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    Deep Cleaning Sand Filter: pool pump is lower than pool, no shut off valve, what do?

    Is it okay to drain the pool down to below skimmer level when I change the sand in my filter? When I go to clean the pump's basket water is constantly coming out. The intake has a 3 way valve, but no "all off" position, just "skimmers", "both", and "drain". Since the pump is lower than the...
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    Recommend a pool cleaner? Have pressure port.

    I want to get a pool device to help clean my pool and I have no idea what to get. My pool has a auxiliary pump that I was told by the previous owner is there to run a "polaris". When turned on there is a port on the pool that starts blowing water. I don't have a cover and there are many trees...
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    Backwash & Rinse: How long for each? How often?

    Sand filter, 25-30k gallon inground pool. How long should I backwash for? How long should I rinse for? I know I should do this after each vacuum session, but how often to do it when just normally running the filter?
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    New to "closing" a pool: don't have cover: what to do this winter?

    I recently bought a house with a pool in the South. I am from the west coast and have never heard of closing a pool. No one where I was from ever put a pool cover on. From what I understand is that when the weather starts to get too cold for pool use, people put a cover on the pool and wait...
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    New pool, just got tested, how many gallons am I? (Pics)

    I just bought a house with a pool and brought a sample to the local store for a free test. The water is clear, there is a little yellow/brown "dirt" that comes right off when you brush it with your feet. The pool I think was left alone for the 3 weeks in escrow, then the owner came back and...
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    New pool owner: How best to get skimmer basket out of skimmer? [In-ground pool, pics]

    I bought a house with a pool! :D So I don't know if this is a standards style skimmer / basket, but its a pain in the rear to get out. The pool we had when I was growing up had a little handle on the skimmer basket, but this one does not. I need to reach all the way in and use two hands to...
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    Buying house with IG pool, liner wrinkles? Also steps? Cracking around perimeter? (Pics)

    Hi, I am buying a home and asked about another one here that we eventually passed on for multiple reasons other than just the pool. So I am looking at a new home and wondering about this pool. The liner is 3 years old but has some wrinkles. There are signs of silicon repair at the screws of...
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    Buying house with pool: damage on steps, how to repair? (pic)

    I am looking at buying a house with a pool. The one I am looking at now has damage to the steps (see pic below). How bad does this look? Might it be leaking from there? How hard is it to repair?
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    Buying house with pool: Liner age and when to replace? Pool inspector?

    My wife and I have been talking about buying a house with a pool for years. I grew up with a pool and her best friend had a pool, so naturally we want a pool! In the area with live in now, liner pools are pretty much the only option if we want an inground pool. I have been looking at a few...