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  1. Oly

    Transition Planning

    I'm exploring the installation of a SWG. I purchased a Taylor salt test kit and tested my liquid chlorine treated pool and it tests at 4600 ppm NaCl. I expected I had accumulated some salt since draining and refilling the pool in 7/17 but was a bit surprised at that number. Perhaps relying on...
  2. Oly

    Dead Squirrel Attacks

    Caught on camera. Beware of drowned squirrels and open skimmer lids.
  3. Oly

    Rooftop Infinity Pool

    Planned in 2020 in London. Would you swim in it. I would, of course I would test the water first. :cheers:
  4. Oly

    Pump and Motor Replacment Planning

    Planning a pump and motor replacement this winter and have been playing with some of the online calculators without much confidence. As I live in CA I will be going with a 2-speed motor and am trying to determine the ideal motor size. Not sold on variable speed pumps due to reliability and...
  5. Oly

    Free Chlorine in the Deep End

    Why is it that when I test FC in my pool water I get different numbers depending on where I take the sample? When testing from my filter return pipe located in the shallow end I get 5.5ppm FC and when testing 18" from the surface at the deep end I get 6.5ppm FC. I am using a suction side pool...
  6. Oly

    Solana RX anyone?

    I have a Solana RX (Hot Springs Spa) and am replacing the pump for the second time in 10+ years. (Learning seal replacement techniques to stop future failures) I disconnected the pump many months ago and ordered an aftermarket that fits. My issue is two unconnected poly hoses one 1/4" with...
  7. Oly

    Post the test results of your source water.

    The water we use to fill and top off our pools impacts our water chemistry and how we find the balance. So what is the source of your fill water and how does it test? I expect we will see some geographical trends as we get results. My water source is municipal well water in central California...
  8. Oly

    Small Tub Moved - preparing for winter

    I have a small 6' round Solana tub that is 3' deep and is powered by 110 v. My wife and I love this tub as it stays 104 degrees 24 , 7 through out the winter months. Great for a quick warm up with coffee in the morning and for a night time glass of wine on a cold dreary evening. Power...
  9. Oly

    New Old House, New Old Pool....

    And possibly old water..... Great site, thanks in advance for the brain power. :cheers: Recently we bought a custom home built in 1950 which has an older rectangular 30,000 gallon concrete/plaster pool that was resurfaced with fiberglass 7 years ago. It has a Pentair48 diatomaceous earth...