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    Open / Close Freeze?

    I was wondering about this, as our pool is set to begin construction later in October and probably (weather permitting) completing in December or January. I guess since we have to brush it and have the chemistry constantly monitored correctly for the plaster to cure properly, we will be doing...
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    Chlorine vs SWG? PBs have us confused so far

    Thank you for the information. The builder does not have a store, just a construction office, so he has no skin in the game as far as pool chemicals. I have never read anything about this level of salt water/chlorine damaging concrete, only some possibility of deterioration of limestone and...
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    Chlorine vs SWG? PBs have us confused so far

    We are in the process of talking to some builders for our possible new backyard pool, and a couple of them have differing opinions on chlorine vs salt water. The builder we visited with this morning is not a salt water fan, but will install a system if we choose to go that route, and will...