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  1. Bama Rambler

    What a TFP pool looks like when you open it! :)

    Here's a picture of it as I was removing the cover. I don't think that's too bad seeing how it was closed in early November last year. I decided to open our pool today. I usually open it near the beginning of March, but delayed it this year for several reasons. It's been kinda warm here so I...
  2. Bama Rambler

    Dumping the Sand ..... Filter! Cartridge Here I Come!

    It's been a few years since I've changed anything, so it was about time. I got the itch for a cartridge filter and wanted a 2-speed pump anyway, so I figured that I'd just get both. After some research I ran across the Waterway 200 sqft cartridge filter and 2hp 2-speed pump combo. I looked...
  3. Bama Rambler


    Roll Tide
  4. Bama Rambler

    TFP is being sold!

    I'm sure Dave doesn't want this getting out so I'm not sure how long it'll stay up. I found out through a reliable source that TFP is being sold! That's right we're getting a new owner, Leslies Pool and Supply!
  5. Bama Rambler

    Happy birthday FPM!

    I almost missed it! Happy birthday lady! :party:
  6. Bama Rambler

    Can you guess what this post is?

    That's right number 10,000!!!! :-D Seems like only a few days ago Dave was posting his 10k post and now it's my turn.
  7. Bama Rambler

    I've defected to the dark side! New peristaltic pump

    As the topic said. I replaced my LQ with a Stenner peristaltic pump. Right now I have the Stenner 45MHP2 (3gpd) pump sitting on top of the LQ using it as the reservoir until the drum arrives. It's only been in service one day but it works fine. I got the black UV resistant tubing. The check...
  8. Bama Rambler

    A whole year of pool costs (including electrical) :)

    Predicated on an earlier topic by Serge I decided to post my costs here. Since I've closed the pool, these numbers are for the entire year starting at Jan 1 and ending Dec 31. I didn't close last year so i was using chems and electric the whole time. The electric cost will go down next year...
  9. Bama Rambler

    Wrinkles in bottom of pool.

    Ok it's my turn to ask for help! A couple of months ago a few wrinkles started developing in the bottom of my AGP. I wasn't happy about it but I decided to live with it because I didn't want to drain the water. I tried the plunger trick and wasn't able to move them. Fast Forward to Saturday...
  10. Bama Rambler

    White Stuff Info. Liquidator users please reply.

    Trying to get some data to see if we can figure out what contributes to the formation of White Stuff. 1. How long have you been using the LQ? 2. List your equipment. Pump?[/*:m:1k0299su]Filter?[/*:m:1k0299su]Norm filter press?[/*:m:1k0299su]Number of skimmers?[/*:m:1k0299su]Number of...
  11. Bama Rambler

    I've joined the Liquidator Ranks, Wish me luck!

    I bought a "new-in-box" 8 gallon Liquidator. Got it Monday the 24th, Installed it Monday the 24th. It's just as easy an install as the posts here lead you to believe. When I first installed it, I could get a flow of 4-1/2 (4-1/2 what, I don't know??) :) :cheers: I set it to a little over 1...
  12. Bama Rambler

    Some numbers and a BIG thank you to TFP.

    We bought the pool a few weeks ago. Yes we got "pool stored"!!! Twice! :hammer: But thanks to this place, I'm finally getting my numbers right. Here are my numbers today using the TF-100 Kit. FC = 6.5 CC = 0 pH = 7.5 TA = 200 CH = 220 CYA= 35 Water temp = 89ºF Ran a overnight Chlorine drop...
  13. Bama Rambler

    Bama Rambler (Whew it's HOT!)

    Hello all, new to the site. We live in South Alabama. The DW (Dear Wife) decided she wanted a pool, so we now have one. :) We've owned pools before and I've always had good luck with them. And it was luck, because until I found this place no one ever told me how to take care of a pool. I've...