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  1. moore887

    Mystery big bubbles

    Hi, Ocassionally on my friends pool large air bubbles come from one of the returns. It's a newer 10k pool with 100 sq ft single catridge filter and a Hayward VS pump. The weir door is not sticking on the skimmer and the pump doesn't appear to be losing prime. It happens rarely and only for...
  2. moore887

    Is there a tutorial on how to replace returns?

    This is a customer's in ground spa. They were wondering why there was so much bubbles coming from one jet causing the water to spill out onto the deck. My first inclination was that maybe the jets were in series and that one was first. However, upon closer inspection, I see that one of the...
  3. moore887

    photo without snip

  4. moore887

    Can't heat spa

    Good morning, Does anyone recognize this heatpump. I want to download the manual for it. The heatpump won't heat above 95. I can press the up button as far as 104 but then it goes back to 95. Right now it shows spa temp of 85 with two dots at the bottom of the display. I'm thinking...
  5. moore887

    Should I use Chlorine?

    On my weekly pool route, a couple of customers have hot tubs. They have asked me to take care of them as part of my weekly service. It's turning out to be a bit tricky to keep bromine in one of them. I think because it's a vactation rental, it's suffering from heavy bather load. I have...
  6. moore887

    Missing eyeballs....

    Hi, My pool has inch and a half eyball returns. My friend's pool which is a lot older looks like his returns are made into the wall of the pool. Only one of his three returns actually have the directional eyeball so it feels like there is very little flow coming from the other two even with...
  7. moore887

    can i use the fas dpd powder from my k2006C to test for bromine or do need something else

    Im about to dive into taking care of hot tubs. Not by choice, but several of the vacation rental properties that I take care of have hot tubs. I guess once there's tabs in the floater, I can just shock once a week with my pool store chlorine jug and test everything else the same as the pool?
  8. moore887

    unknown square skimmer

    I suppose I should have measured it but I really had to ram a Clayton/Lambert 8 x 6 in there and was lucky to get it out. The suction line is actually at the back of the skimmer (right in the photo). I'm half thinking that if I can't get a basket to fit either 1, just leave it as it is as the...
  9. moore887

    High pressure. Filter blew up!

    I have always wondered why the pressure gauge on an older 150sq ft single cartridge Starite filter was reading north of 20psi with a clean filter. There's a clean salt cell and a newer heatpump for the water to travel back through on the way to a same level pool. No lift of any kind (but no...
  10. moore887

    Robot for heavy silt debris pool recommendation

    I am currently experimenting with a Polaris Alpha iQ+ in a pool with heavy silt debris. Dogs swim in the pool several times a day after running around in the mud and the cleaner has to go in twice a day. The cleaner is scratched on top because the optional fine mesh collector gets full near...
  11. moore887

    Pool won't fill above light

    Good morning, I did a partial drain on a pool yesterday in order to reduce reduce extremely high cya (+200 and green pool). Unfortunately the customer called me to say that despite filling all night, the pool won't fill above the light fixture. It's a 10,000 gallon in ground plaster.
  12. moore887

    First Sand filter. A couple of questions

    Good morning, A friend has bought a home with a sand filter. The pool has been neglected for a couple of years and I'm doing a green to clean with my portable filtration system. The pool has a Hayward sand filter. We started the pump yesterday and everything seems to be working reasonably...
  13. moore887

    Holes in Coping Grout

    This is on a customer's pool (pool is two years old). Is it easy to fill the holes in? What would happen if it were just left alone?
  14. moore887

    Infinity edge pool damage.

    I have a new client starting next month when he heads back up north. He send me this photo last night, and says that his infinity edge spill over is coming apart. I will go out this morning and try and get some more photos but I'm wondering could this be a fix he could possibly take care of...
  15. moore887

    Floc or SLAM?

    I popped the cover off this beauty 3 days ago and vacuumed the floor to waste using the advanced mini 2 (pictured). I dropped the filters in, on both the mini and the pool's system and let it run. I got 10 hours before the filters had it and I'm ready to reload fresh ones again this morning...
  16. moore887

    Is it possible to make this into a spray fountain?

    I'm hoping that there's some pressure fitting on ebay or amazon that could be put onto this.
  17. moore887

    What is this piece of hardware?

    One person told me it was for screwing in an umbrella and someone else said it was a filter of some sort. I'm confused!
  18. moore887

    removing eyeball return

    Good morning, I want to put in a small fountain at the side of the pool that connects to the return. I can unscrew the eyeball but the threaded part is stuck in there. Is there a tool that I can take it out with? I tried putting a screw driver in there and tapping it but it won't budge.
  19. moore887

    vacuum line cover question

    This pool is missing it's vacuum cover. It's snapped off. I removed what's left of it and screwed a new one in. It quacks! That means it makes a repetitive noise when the pump is on. I can't turn off the vacuum line because the only two ball valves going into the pump are partial...
  20. moore887

    Mud caked to the bottom of pool after new deck install

    Hi all, I'm working on a plaster IGP that has mud caked to the bottom of the pool after a new paver deck was installed. I've been trying to dislodge it with a small steel brush with little success (although there has been some improvement. Can anyone recommend a tool that I could use?
  21. moore887

    Should I use a clarifier?

    I have a couple of pools with cartridge filters and there's fine dust that blows out through the mesh bag of my bottom feeder cleaner and even the cartridge filter attachment doesn't help much. I've been brushing the dust up into the pool and.then advancing the mechanical timer so that the...
  22. moore887

    Pool has been stagnant for years. Where to start?

    This pool has been green since 2017. It's a fiberglass liner and I'm told the equipment works. I do have a portable filtration system by advantage manufacturing. I'm up for the challenge to clean this up. Being a fiberglass liner and with the close proximity of neighboring houses, the...
  23. moore887

    Digital salt and temp tester

    I bought a (very) cheap salinity tester on Amazon but it's hard to read and use plus it takes quite a long time to register. Can anyone recommend a good one to get?
  24. moore887

    copper features turning green

    This pool is three years old. The copper firebowls are green. Is that the way they are meant to stay or should they have been prevented from turning that way?
  25. moore887

    Glass tile maintenance

    Usually I stand up on the wall (empty pockets of course!) and scrub up and down with a brush. I see however, that the glass tile around the copper spills is losing it's shine. Is there anyway I can keep it shiny? I don't mind getting in there every few weeks although I would prefer not to use...
  26. moore887

    What was this sensor for?

    I took a photo of this today. The pool already has a working iChlor salt cell, heatpump and no solar. I was wondering what this connection could have been for?
  27. moore887

    Helio-matic solar controller. Is it supposed to do something?

    Good evening, I have this nice, well behaved 10,000 gallon uncaged pool next door to my house which I take care of. It's always been a warm pool but the owner thought the solar wasn't working. I've always had the solar valve open (not bypassed) by having the switch on the Helio controller set...
  28. moore887

    Will cal hypo make pool cloudy and a slight green tint?

    I added a pound or so of cal hypo to a 10k pool yesterday as chlorine was at 1 and ch was at 270. I got a message today asking what I did as the pool was slightly cloudy and there was a slight green tint in the pool
  29. moore887

    Heat pump or propane?

    Good afternoon, This pool has solar but as it's winter here in Florida I don't think it's helping very much. Ordinarily, I would suggest putting in a heat pump coupled with a solar cover. Because this is an infinity edge pool, the cover couldn't be difficult. You can see in the photo the...
  30. moore887

    Jandy 4 function spa side remote question

    HI all, A holiday rental home in my area has a spa side remote. The guests can turn on the spa mode (which will turn the valve from pool return to spa for 4 hours), another button can turn on the blower, and the final two buttons can turn on and off the spa or pool light. The remote is...