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  1. Drew80

    Is the Omnihub actually available?

    I have a small pool without a lot of features, so an Omnilogic is way overkill for me. It's also very expensive. I recently discovered the Omnihub - seems like a good solution for my problem, but my pool guy says he doesn't know anything about it and his suppliers don't stock it. Has it been...
  2. Drew80

    Where did my salt go?

    Something very strange is going on. My salt levels were running low a few weeks ago, so I added a bag. My pump went out right before that, and my pool was down for about 2 weeks while I waited for the dealer to come out and replace it. Since the pump went out at the same time I added the bag...
  3. Drew80

    VGreen pumps

    Curious what people think of them. I'm looking to replace my single speed pump with a variable speed, and I'm debating a VGreen DIY solution ($800) vs a Hayward VS installed by a dealer ($1200 after city rebate). I have a Prologic controller, so the VGreen would take a little more work to set up...
  4. Drew80

    Pentair VS pump with Hayward automation

    My Hayward single speed just went out. I'm pretty underwhelmed with the quality of Hayward's products, so I'm thinking of replacing it with a Pentair variable speed. I have a Hayward Prologic. Anyone have any luck mixing brands?
  5. Drew80

    Hayward pump won't turn on

    I have a Hayward single speed pump. Two years old. It just stopped working. No humming or anything. I confirmed it's getting power. Any advice on how to troubleshoot this?
  6. Drew80

    Hayward Prologic - No flow

    I'm getting a no flow error from my Prologic. This has happened a couple of times before and I've gotten it to clear by just unplugging and replugging the sensor, but that's not working this time. Should I just replace the sensor, or is there a way to test it?
  7. Drew80

    Lueder stone dusting

    I have Lueder coping that is dusting and pitting on a new build. Do I just need to be super diligent about sealing it with a SWG?
  8. Drew80

    Jacks Magic #2 alternative

    It seems like no matter how well I keep on top of my chemistry, I get scale over time. We have Ledge Loungers, and we constantly have scale buildup around them. I've used Jack's Magic Copper & Scale before - it works like a charm but it's pretty expensive. Has anyone run into a similar product...
  9. Drew80

    How quickly does TA drop?

    I'm trying to bring my TA down from 90 to 60. I added enough muriatic to bring the pH down to 7 and I'm running the fountain to aerate. I realize this is probably a factor of water volume, but what's a reasonable amount of time to expect a change in TA? Hours? Days? Weeks?
  10. Drew80

    Can't get TA to drop

    I've gotten advice to drop my TA down a bit so I don't have to fight my pH all the time. My pH is constantly rising - I add about 5 cups of muriatic per week, give or take. My TA is currently 80 and I'm trying to drop it to around 60. I've tried multiple times bringing my pH down to 7 and then...
  11. Drew80

    Chlorine (ORP) / acid feeders - worth the money?

    I have a SWG currently, and it works fine in terms of producing chlorine. But my pH is always creeping up, so I'm constantly adding muriatic. Kinda defeats the purpose of having an automated chlorine producer when I just have to battle pH instead. Are liquid feeders worth the money? I'd love to...
  12. Drew80

    How much muriatic is reasonable?

    The pH is always creeping up in my pool - I add a little under a cup of muriatic per day, on average. I initially chalked it up to the pool being new (2018) but it seems like this shouldn't still be an issue. I've had pools before and never had pH issues, but they were all older. Is this normal...
  13. Drew80

    Hayward cartridge filter - why does it always leak?

    Every time I reassemble my filter after cleaning, it leaks. Every single time. It doesn't seem to matter how much silicone I put on the o-ring, it always leaks right at the seams of the collar. So I take it off, slather a ton more goop on there and try again. And it leaks again. I have yet to...
  14. Drew80

    Chlorine usage - is this reasonable?

    I have a new-ish pool and I'm still figuring out the right balance for my SWG. I have a single speed pump that I'm currently running for 6 hours a day, which is plenty for water turnover, but I find that I have to run the SWG at 100% to keep up with FC. I'm burning through salt. I've tested the...
  15. Drew80

    Need a recommendation for a VS pump

    I have a Hayward Tristar 2HP single speed that is freaking loud and burns a lot of energy. I'd like to replace it with a variable speed or 2-speed pump to fix both issues. I'd like a drop in replacement (no plumbing) if possible. Looking for recommendations. I don't have a budget - I'll spend...
  16. Drew80

    High hardness and what appears to be calcium deposits on plaster

    I have three issues. 1. Really high calcium hardness. I just measured it at 850. I replaced the water last summer, and I balanced it out to around 250. I know that I need to drain to get the CH down, but why would it have come up so much? 2. I am getting white spots on my dark blue plaster...
  17. Drew80

    New pool - expectations for pH

    We built a brand new pool a little over a year ago, and I just can't seem to get the pH to balance properly. I'm in Austin, and our TA starts out at around 350 - that was my first challenge. After adding an absolute ton of muriatic over the first few months, it's now down to around 130, so still...
  18. Drew80

    Plaster discoloration after startup

    Our pool was brand new last spring, and the pool builder neglected to balance the water properly when we first filled it. So we were left with a lot of white/grey mottling on dark blue plaster. You can see it here: I treated the pool with...
  19. Drew80

    Rx Clear Filter Balls

    I have regretted every minute of owning a cartridge filter. Pulling it apart to clean the cartridges is a total pain, they never really get clean, etc etc. Curious if anyone has used the Rx Clear filter balls (or another brand) and whether they work. They claim to be able to replace sand, and I...
  20. Drew80

    Filter fiber

    I have a cartridge filter and still have a ton of fine particles in my water that are visible at night with the lights on. I'm trying to figure out a simple way to get my water cleaner Has anyone used Jack's Filter Fiber (or something similar) in a cartridge filter? Does it work?
  21. Drew80

    Pool water pH - what is ok for my equipment?

    I have some mottling on my plaster after my flaky builder neglected to balance the water on first fill. I have copper deposits from my water and some calcium deposits from where the low CH sucked some of the calcium from the plaster. I think that's the explanation, at least. I confirmed that...
  22. Drew80

    Ideal pump run time and SWG levels

    My pool is brand new as of last spring, and I'm finding it difficult to maintain my chlorine levels. It's about 8,500 gallons and my pump runs at about 60 GPM, so I'm running the pump for 4 hours per day. My CYA is currently at about 70. I have the SWG at 60%, and I'm still finding that the FC...
  23. Drew80

    Anyone use an automatic chemical feeder?

    I have a Hayward system with a SWG, and I'm considering adding the Sense and Dispense system to monitor pH and ORP. It's about $1k plus the cost of a CO2 tank, so it's not a trivial purchase. Anyone have one of these and had good luck with them? Is it worth the price?
  24. Drew80

    Spa pump horsepower

    I have a 1,250 gallon spa with 8 jets, and I have a single speed 2HP pump that powers both it and my pool. The 3 jets in the pool are really strong, but the pump isn't strong enough for the 8 jets in the spa. The jet inserts barely spin and the water doesn't ripple at all. What HP pump would I...
  25. Drew80

    Closed cell foam spa blanket

    I have a 7x11 1,250-gallon in-ground spa, and it takes FOREVER to warm up. I've read on some other forums about people who have had closed-cell foam blankets custom made that float on top of the water and add insulation. That would theoretically save gas and, more importantly, reduce the time to...
  26. Drew80

    Nasty stuff blown in with storm - how do I prevent it?

    This has now happened twice to me. My chlorine PPM is at about 5-10. My CYA is about 30. We leave town for 3 days and get a BIG rain. When we get back, the water is green and cloudy and my chlorine and CYA are gone and the water is full of ammonia. Somehow the rain is blowing in enough stuff to...
  27. Drew80

    Chlorine getting chewed up. Algae?

    We were out of town for a few days and got a massive rain. When we got back, the pool was cloudy but didn't have that distinctive green algae color so I wasn't sure what was going on. My CH is about 400, my pH is around 7.2, and my TA is 200. I added some muriatic to bring down the TA. I also...
  28. Drew80

    Plumbing conundrum

    I just had a brand new pool built, and I'm confused about how they plumbed it. On the suction side, there's a 3-way valve that controls pool/spa with a 2-way valve on the skimmer and a 2-way on the pool drain. That makes sense to me. On the pressure side, there's a 3-way for the pool/spa with a...
  29. Drew80

    No drain acid wash - muriatic or ascorbic

    I have a brand new pool that is stained because of an improper startup. I have all kinds of pretty colors that aren't the color of my plaster - brown, green, sort of a pale blue. I'm researching what I can do to get rid of them and bring back the plaster color. I've read about removing metal...
  30. Drew80

    Acid startup pH

    I built a brand new pool in January. I filled it with water, added a bottle of CYA and a gallon of muriatic and then basically haven't done anything for two months. I still have some discoloration on the plaster, so I was thinking of doing an acid startup and then shocking to try to remove any...