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  1. Texas Splash

    How Clear is TFP Clear? Let's See (Pics Please).

    How clear should my water be? A very common question. Here is mine on a calm morning where I could finally vacuum. Yes I know, I'm still manually vacuuming. It took me 7 years to finally get an SWG, I'm working on a robot. :) So now let's see your water clarity.
  2. Texas Splash

    Circupool RJ-45 Plus Install

    This weekend I finally installed my RJ-45. I've been stalling on this for a long time, but the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and resulting chlorine shortage finally pushed me over the edge. Plus, it was simply time. The Circupool Installation and Operation Guide is quite good, but here are some...
  3. Texas Splash

    So You Think You Have a Non-Salt Pool?

    In preparation to install my SWG, I knew it was time to accurately confirm my salt level with a Taylor K-1766. Even though I've never added salt, I know salt is a by product of sodium hypochlorite (bleach). So what was my salt level? 3,200! That's from seven years of owning this pool. Even...
  4. Texas Splash

    Electrical Changes at Pad - Thoughts

    Okay TFP Spark-Masters, sanity check. The recent bleach shortage has me FINALLY contemplating investing in an SWG. I’m out in the country and don’t have unique city code issues, but I always want to meet general NEC good-practice requirements. My pool is about 30’ away from the pad, so issues...
  5. Texas Splash

    Flooded pump motor. Repair or replace?

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: If the pump was only recently submerged, there might be a chance you could blow it dry and salvage it. But if the pump sat in a foot of water for about a year's worth of time, I'm not so optomistic you can save it. Don't forget to update your signature with your spa...
  6. Texas Splash

    DIY Umbrella Stands

    So for the first couple years, we were very frustrated by spending $$$ on umbrella products that barely made it through one season. No matter how much they "claimed" the product was rough & tough, after one year either the metal stand became bent/broken, and/or the shade material become...
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    Test Post to Me

  8. Texas Splash

    Pat Thread 1 Test

    My original post - test.
  9. Texas Splash

    Sig Testing

    @Leebo, on a similar subject ….. how do I update my signature? Not just the verbiage, but the actual links? When I go to My Signature, it shows the final product, but not the path(s). Some of them are broken since the conversion and I wanted to update them. Can you toss me some knowledge please?
  10. Texas Splash

    Fiberglass Discoloration (Faded & Chalky) - My Story

    DISCLAIMER The following is a dialog of my own personal experience. Any processes used, chemically or otherwise, were performed strictly on my own without any recommendations from Trouble Free Pools. FUTURE POSTING I am trying to keep this thread streamlined with just my own progress for all...
  11. Texas Splash

    Catch of the Day!

    I get scorpions all the time in the pool. If I had to estimate, perhaps 20-30 each season, usually all dead at the bottom the next day. Today however was special as mama here decided she wanted to take all her babies for a swim during the day. It was hot today in the 100s, but c'mon. No Bueno.
  12. Texas Splash

    Way to Go Florida!

    Most people immediately see the gator. Me? My first thought is that MUST be a TFP pool! Look how clear it is. :)
  13. Texas Splash

    Problem with Pool Cover

    I guess they needed a stronger cover. Ooops!
  14. Texas Splash

    Hayward Cartridge Filter Locking Knob Repair

    The following was used on my Hayward C1200, but may also apply to other Hayward-series cartridge filters that utilize the locking knob on top. These procedures should help those who find that their locking knob on top doesn't seem to fully disengage from the threaded rod inside the filter...
  15. Texas Splash

    Is this AG Pool Destroyed? You Tell Them to Get Out.

    After watching this video, I guess there's nothing more to say. Watch Family of bears holds backyard pool party to childs dismay - YouTube
  16. Texas Splash

    small suction side leak?

    Also, are you the original owner of the pool and/or do you know how old the plumbing might be? - - - Updated - - - Never mind, I see you estimated 2008. :) - - - Updated - - - I read & re-read your original post, and keep going to where you said you "hear bubbling but don't see it". Makes...
  17. Texas Splash

    New Pool Build - Austin, TX

    Hello and welcome! Perhaps your best advantage to negotiating is knowledge. You can use this site's search feature to look at other threads for new builds. Knowing things like, electrical requirements, pump size, preferred filter (sand, cartridge, etc) type chlorination (SWG or liquid...
  18. Texas Splash

    Tis the Season! Cyrstal Clear :) Cannonball!

    As a parent, these are the best times owning a pool. Seeing all the knuckleheads tearing it up and having fun. When the sun goes down, the wife and I will have the pool all to ourselves. :p
  19. Texas Splash

    South Texas Viking "Poseidon" Fiberglass Install (Before & After Pics)

    Our pool is 16' x 40', and 7' at the deep end, installed in Apr 2013. It took a little over 30 "calendar" days to install our pool, but crews were actually on the property only 13 work days total. We were blessed with fairly good weather the whole time. Specifics about this pool/equipment are...
  20. Texas Splash

    TFP Clear and Fish Food

    I couldn't resist posting this one after all the rain we've had. The first pic is a Texas night-crawler in our deep end (7') which is so nice to see because it is TFP clear! :) The second pic is just so you can get a better look at it before it goes on the end of my fishing pole. ha. This...
  21. Texas Splash

    Air Bubbles in Pump Basket (I'm Stumped)

    Hi TFP friends. I've been working and researching this for quite some time. :brickwall: I get small champagne-sized bubbles in my pump skimmer basket. Over time, it accumulates to basically cover the entire lid with an air pocket, maybe about 1/8 - 1/4 inch deep, but never enough to stop the...
  22. Texas Splash

    New (Learning the Ropes); Great Site; Thanks TFP!

    First, a BIG thanks to the keepers of this site for their help. Just having our fiberglass pool installed last year, I quickly fell victim to the "local" pool store guidance. Here in S. Texas (rural/country), it took only half of the 2013 season for our new crystal clear pool to show signs of...