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  1. txnole

    Algae has won the me win the WAR!

    If your CYA is 100 (and it's probably not) then your FC is terribly low. You need to be MAINTAINING 13 in AZ at that CYA level. SLAM Level would be 39. Chlorine / CYA Chart How do you normally chlorinate? Pucks? IF so, your CYA is likely higher and the numbers above would get bumped up. If...
  2. txnole

    I did everything wrong, HELP!

    Welcome to the forum! All of our best stories start with, "My pool is nothing but a headache." A few of the moderators will be by shortly to review some basics but I'll add my two cents: 1) The goal of the Trouble Free Pool method is to self-maintain your pool in a few easy steps and saving...
  3. txnole

    New Intelliflow 2 VST Pump noise

    What is the filter pressure? Have you cleaned them filter since startup?
  4. txnole

    What is this?

    Best odds are that it is NOT a return due to the location on the stairs and the cap. There would be no good reason to cap 1 of 3 returns.
  5. txnole

    Cancelled Pool Service

    Congrats! How about putting some of that big pile of cash towards for TFP sponsorship?! :D
  6. txnole

    I made a pool logger

    Can you explain how this differs from the "POOL MONITOR" app for iOS, other than the latter's graphing output?
  7. txnole

    Pool heater

    You and I are approximately the same latitude along I10, although you lack a beach. :D We have hydro-solar for heating and it works EXCEPTIONALLY well, especially if you have some automation to decide if/when to heat the pool based upon current water temp, current solar temp, desired water...
  8. txnole

    Is water truck delivery required after plaster?

    Sounds like the pool guy wants you to get hosed! :jocolor::jocolor::jocolor:
  9. txnole

    Is water truck delivery required after plaster?

    Also, check local ordinances. Perhaps there's some crazy local ordinance that necessitate the water truck.
  10. txnole

    Ivory travertine versus other colors. Pictures please!

    We did walnut from TravertineMart and would highly recommend for price, service and quality. Pics in sig.
  11. txnole

    CYA "Fixed", What Next?

    I'm not comfortable commenting on your plan to lower CYA except to say there is more work to be done there. Specifically to your results, high TA can result in difficult to manage pH and cloudiness. I would plan to address this once you land at a manageable CYA. If you bring you TA back in line...
  12. txnole

    New to pools, first pool and wanting to get it right

    Monitor pH every day (or twice daily!) and keep the level down using Muratic acid. Keep chlorine in range but the other figures - at least initially - are less critical. Keeping you pH in line is key to preventing scale from your curing pool
  13. txnole

    Where do you store your muriatic acid?

    Resin deck box with a solo cup I re-use to add.
  14. txnole

    Interpreting Test Results - What to do next

    First things first, use pool math to bump your chlorine. You need to ensure you are maintaining at the minimum target range daily for your vinyl pool.
  15. txnole

    FC registers 0

    Question - how were you normally adding chlorine before you started here and add bleach? Chlorine pucks? Don't add anything other than bleach until you get your test results.
  16. txnole

    CYA level

    If you don't want to limit swim time, start after the kids go to bed and check it every 20 min. Then refill.
  17. txnole

    New to me Pool and brand new to pool ownership

    Root cause of your green water is you don't have enough Chlorine for your CYA level. Retest for CYA a few times and once you feel comfortable with your number, use e pool calc to see how much water you may need to replace to get CYA to manageable level (50-ish for you). CYA acts like sunscreen...
  18. txnole

    New Plaster - Haven't Added Acid

    While you're at the pool store, buy a proper test kit. You are going to need some very routine test results that you can trust, not the local yocal at the pool store.
  19. txnole

    Pool guy ruined summer

    You're asking what is the compensation for loss of use? You could get 100 lawyers and all would come up with different numbers. I would take the (distance to the Y * federal mileage rate) + (minimum wage * time to Y) + (fuel costs) as your true and accurate out-of-pocket losses. All that said...
  20. txnole

    Crape Myrtles, is there a better solution for their flower stains? Did I panic?

    His setup is very DIY... Aluminum screening on a roll, that roll is placed on a pool cover roller... He rolls out the screening all the way over the pool and then anchors it on the far end with tent stakes. Simple. I'll get a pic.
  21. txnole

    Where do you buy your CYA?

    Clorox brand stabilizer ... 4# for $10
  22. txnole

    Crape Myrtles, is there a better solution for their flower stains? Did I panic?

    Hey, neighbor. I'm not sure the dimensions on your pool, but we have a neighbor that is now covering his pool with the enclosure netting on a roll (like a solar cover but basically aluminum mesh netting). He's not getting any debris and no side effects of using a true cover in our summer heat.
  23. txnole

    How long to run pump for?

    One suggestion, you may want to consider adding chemicals in the AM, since much of your FC loss will be mid-day in the TX heat. If you can give your pool a little boost in the morning, you'll may find that you have fewer issues related to low FC.
  24. txnole

    Estimating pool size

    50,000 might not be far off, but it's very difficult for any of us to know on a free form pool without more information. For example, how is the pool shaped? Is there more area in the deep end or shallow end? What is the approximate slope? Do you have plans that show the size/depths of...
  25. txnole

    Top 10 Essential Pool Items

    Save everything on Davejavu's list. Everything.
  26. txnole

    Pool just doesnt seem to stay please!

    Welcome to TFP. There's some great articles here for self-maintaining your pool, but all of them are based on the premise that you MUST have a professional quality test kit: Taylor K2006 or TF-100 TFTestkit (my preferred). To best help, members will want to see your most recent test results...
  27. txnole

    Help with ph and TA

    176 seems like a strange result. Generally a drop test lacks this degree of precision you're reporting )most TA are in base 10). Beyond that, it is quite high... almost double.
  28. txnole

    swg will not keep up

    For SWG plaster, 60-80 is recommended. If your FL pool is uncovered (no pool cage) then closer to 80 may be best.
  29. txnole

    Looking forward to dropping my pool service... and my first test results are in...

    I have no experience with that company, but that's a very interesting service.
  30. txnole

    Last year was bad-advice on pool "rehab"

    Re: Getting ready to switch out my pump- TOOL IMPAIRED, please educate me. That's nice to hear! I usually have the opposite effect on women!! :laughblue: