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  1. txnole

    My pool water results from Leslie's

    Pool store testing is inconsistent and rarely produces reliable results, so we continue to recommend you have a professional test kit handy (TFT1000). You will save yourself countless hours and many dollars! Did you review the links provided in your last post? Those will give you a good starting...
  2. txnole

    Chlorine tab recommendations...I know, I know

    Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. You guys are saying ColorQ tests accurately against your TFT. Hmm..... wish listing?
  3. txnole

    Keeping FC up during slam

    In this instance, you would continue adding multiple times per day. Being a bit over doesn't hurt, but don't be fooled that it will decrease your SLAM time. More is not necessarily better.
  4. txnole

    Salt Water Test Standard

    As a suggestion, move to a binary testing standard: either your salinity is (A) within sufficient range that your cell is operating per specification, or (B) your salinity is out of range for standard operation. If (A) then move to another chem test. If (B) then validate salinity using strip...
  5. txnole

    New to SWG

    Can't say that you did anything "wrong" per se or that 11 is completely off the charts. What are your full test results? CYA? Sounds like you just need to adjust your production levels to "dial in" the output needed for your pool and pump run time. For example, min runs well at 27% whereas...
  6. txnole

    My panel of numbers...almost closing time

    What does your granular shock contain? Yes, MA to get your pH back in line. Get your CL in line as well and then read the closing how-to
  7. txnole

    My panel of numbers...almost closing time

    I'm sure you know this already, but your chlorine is very, very low for your CYA. I can't see information about your pool in your signature but your pH is also on the high side, as is TA.
  8. txnole

    New To TFP Method - First Test

    Congrats on your TF100. Your results are typical of a pool coming off of a pool service, as most (not all) have more regard for your money than your investment in your pool. My advice is to sleep on it and retest tomorrow. Your TA was probably good at 13 but go watch here to confirm your...
  9. txnole

    All about PHin

    I can't vouch for this system, but it is a bit intriguing. If we could get HIGHLY ACCURATE automated testing and the actual results data, then I would be in!
  10. txnole

    Still trying to get this right - I'v got some green

    Until you get it stable, I would be testing CYA 2x weekly. That much loss with that little displacement means your not stable. Once CYA normalizes, you should really put see very little movement, if any.
  11. txnole

    What to keep in stock

    SWG, so just acid and some CYA for rain dilution.
  12. txnole

    No Chlorine, but Salt system says running fine

    I really don't understand this AT ALL. You asked for suggestions on how to add bleach to your pool and three really smart guys said add bleach (and even implied it was urgent!). You added chlorine pucks (bad idea)... but then you say you didn't add bleach because you wouldn't know if the...
  13. txnole

    Pebble _________ and the TFP method

    The suggested CYA for SWG is 60-80. Once my pool settled in, it seemed 70-80 was the better range for our year-round pool here in FL. I run my SWG at 27% year-round.
  14. txnole

    Pebble _________ and the TFP method

    Given your CH and TA, I would definitely keep an eye on your pH. You do not want to induce calcium scaling. Pebble/SWG owner here and - after you finish slamming, if that's the route for you - I would make a habit of maintaining your CYA at 70-80 and your chlorine just above the target. That...
  15. txnole

    Helping the Mother in Law

    CH is way high for plaster pool. Need the volume but Pool Math will tell you how much to replace. I'm guessing it's quite a bit
  16. txnole

    Low Free Chlorine (again)

    Because it's not at all clear that he needs to SLAM. His pool had low CYA for plaster SWG and was losing FC. Several of us suggested that the root cause may be low CYA, hence... Raise the CYA and then solve the problem. - - - Updated - - - I don't think you should expect 9ppm loss in a day...
  17. txnole

    Raising Ta without raising pH

    The best process is to lower both using acid and then raise pH back using aeration. The process is well documented in POOL SCHOOL.
  18. txnole

    Low Free Chlorine (again)

    Raise CYA to 70-80 first. The Clorox branded CYA is just fine and easy to use at your pool size, then raise FC using bleach. See Pool Math for exact amount of liquid bleach to add. Once you have your CYA level set, adjust SWG run time accordingly to maintain FC levels at target. These are not...
  19. txnole

    First Time Owner - First Test Results

    Check Pool Math for your specific amount to remove, but it's not an insignificant amount. I would suggest you do it now, finish the acid wash that you want, and reset with the new, clean water & pool. No sense going through it twice.
  20. txnole

    Questions about going on vacation

    With the cover, I might recommend going to shock and using tabs for the 8 days, depending on your current CYA level.
  21. txnole

    Tf100 vs speedstir measurements

    Are both TF tubes (chlorine only and general use) producing different results than the speedstir?
  22. txnole

    At a loss. Now what?

    Clarifier causes the water to bond together, which can make it easier to filter, especially with sand or cart. DE filters most effectively, hence the suggestion to add DE. I don't think anyone here would fault you for using a clarifier once, but it's unquestionably better to not need it through...
  23. txnole

    At a loss. Now what?

    SLAMMing for a month? I guess it's not unheard of, but I would suggest a re-read on process. Are you running your pump 24/7? You mentioned that you're planning to brush, but you should be brushing/vacuuming EVERY DAY. Was your CYA at 50 when you started the SLAM a month ago? If so, you are not...
  24. txnole

    High Cyanuric Acid... Is it time to fire our pool company?

    Community pools require some special attention. It appears your local laws carry some weight on how to maintain and that should be your #1 guide. You certainly don't want to self-maintain due to liability issues. In Florida, the maximum for community pools is 100 with a "recommended" level of...
  25. txnole

    Balancing FC?

    Hey, neighbor! A few things: 1) You would benefit GREATLY from a FAS-DPD test for chlorine. You can pick one up from TFTestkits. This will give you precise chlorine readings. 2) What kind of pucks are you using? Different composition give off different "side effects", including hammering...
  26. txnole


    First... How's the baby? :D I do have to agree with the title/premise of your post... you may be a little paranoid if there is a reasonable explanation for the change. The first thing I would suggest in a newer SWG pool is to ensure you are checking your salt level at least occasionally. Low...
  27. txnole

    New AGP, green water. What to do?

    Specific to the test, if you drop and then swirl and it turns back to pink, then it is not remaining clear. For most tests, you will "stop" when the next drop would make no further change.
  28. txnole

    Time saving idea or potential trouble?

    Two thoughts... What is your CYA and is there a modest level increase that could better protect your chlorine? For what you are spending in time and bleach... would you be happier installing an SWG and eliminating the daily bleach dance?
  29. txnole

    UPDATE HELP PLEASE: FC dropping during hot days! Bad cell or normal?

    Every pool is different, but we get 10-12 hours of sun, pool water at 86, CYA at 70 and SWG at 27% to average 5-6 FC.
  30. txnole

    UPDATE HELP PLEASE: FC dropping during hot days! Bad cell or normal?

    Keep raising CYA to 80. Dial back SWG slightly to maintain FC