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    New construction, Southern Tampa area

    below is the utube link to the video showing the guys system.
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    Contracts signed on Long Island

    Autopilot has been great. It stopped working a little more than three years after installation but the cell has been installed upside down. The manual instructs that installing the cell upside down will void warranty so my pool Builder paid for a brand new cell (very expensive) on the theory...
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    Contracts signed on Long Island

    I have the Iaqualink and all Jandy equipment except I have the Autopilot. The autopilot does some things the Jandy SWG doesn’t, but in retrospect the Jandy would have been more practical because the IAqualink would let me know if the SWG has a problem, while the Autopilot can’t relay that...
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    New build in the Garden State - NJ

    I don't agree that 90% of the people on this site actually favor a robot over a pressure side cleaner. My "grab it out of the air data" is that the same group of people tend to recommend robots while those preferring pressure side cleaners are more reticent. I also think it is a disservice to...
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    New build in the Garden State - NJ

    A 400000 BTU gas heater will cost you $3.60 an hour to run but a Heatpump will be considerably less. If you want to maintain a constant temperature the heat pump will be much better and cheaper in June-August. However, if you don’t need to maintain a constant temperature and are happy with...
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    New build in the Garden State - NJ

    I think the Jandy cartridge CL580 is a bigger filter. I would suggest that one so you may have to change the filters less. I have that one and change it only at the beginning of each swim season.
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    New build in the Garden State - NJ

    I have a pool your size and use the digital autopilot - rated for about 67000 gallons.
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    Recommendations on labeling plumbing

    Could you send a link for the right one. I see Ptouch indoor and outdoor laminated ones but I’m not sure if those are the right ones
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    New Owner Build Long Island - Is it possible?

    Travertine or marble don’t get hot.
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    Landscaping costs

    I paid 12.50 a square foot for INCA pavers installed ( no concrete base). It seems around me the margin on pavers is much less than the margin on other landscaping (mulch, trees, rocks etc).
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    New pool, Jersey shore, probably too late to change anything, but thought I'd ask.

    I would add a Polaris 280. It is very easy for the tenants to remove if they are having a party and it can clean the pool automatically each day. The Pool service can clean and empty the Polaris bag each week. I would also go with the SWG and have the pool services add the necessary acid...
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    Finally, it is on! Southeast PA Build

    Why ditch the prsssure side plumbing? It costs very little to plumb a line and you may change your mind someday.
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    Rebar too far apart??

    Looked normal to me. In the deep end (if your pool has one) they usually put more Rebar. But 12 by 12 is pretty standard in shallow water. I can't tell for sure what the spacing is in your picture but it doesn't look like more than 12 by 12
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    Plaster renovation will do it as would SWIMMOR pools. SWIMMOR pools does there plaster in house. Not sure about the other one.
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    Advice Needed On New-Build Issue

    Maybe add two lights, one in each alcove on the other side of the pool. That may make the spacing around the pool look better. And the PB may be willing to Pay for an extra light in lieu of paying to tear up the deck.
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    Hot tub layout is terrible what can I do?

    I don't know how much more the heating cost would be without a cover. The light solar cover I mentioned would be better than no cover but would let more heat out than a thicker cover. I suspect the additional heating costs with that light solar cover would not be material but someone with more...
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    Hot tub layout is terrible what can I do?

    Why not just keep it uncovered. Or buy a solar cover for thirty dollars or so which is a very light cover that you cut to fit the size of the hottub
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    New pool in NJ

    I got my volleyball net from SR SMITH. It is designed for a SWG. It is a permanent install but I think the other type would work fine. But maybe someone who has one can chime in.
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    New pool in NJ

    My son is about four feet 10 and he can't play volleyball on one side because it is too deep for him. I'm not sure what the depth is but it may only be four feet six. You may want to keep the volleyball area four feet so the little ones will have an easier time. I doubt the electric wire is...
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    New pool in NJ

    I suggest you consider the Polaris 280, which you can keep in your pool all the time and dont need to remove after each cleaning. If you search this web site you will see a comparison between the Polaris ( a pressure side cleaner for which you will need a booster pump) and a robot. I would...
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    New Pool Build Montgomery Tx

    If you sell the house you wouldn't necessarily have take it down. Houses in my area are sold subject to anything a survey would show, so you wouldn't be responsible in my area if they realized it after they signed the contract and were out of attorney review. And if they realized it before they...
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    Gunite Pool Builder Recc in South Jersey/Favortie Equipment

    I have an autopilot SWG. Very happy with it but it is not compatible with my AQUALINK automation. In retrospect I wish I went with the Jandy SWG even if it is not as good because I would prefer to be notified of any issues In real time One of the builders you mentioned Subs out all the work...
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    SWG Questions - pros and cons

    It is not the SWG that creates the smoothness you refer to, but the salt. You can always add salt to the pool of you prefer the feel. Your kids skin will be better if the pool is properly maintained and it is a lot easier to do that with a SWG or Stenner punp.
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    Builder Installed Wrong Finish Travertine - Demand Replacement?

    That is helpful. But if the contract merely states travertine the question is whether the email is admissible to establish the intent of the contractual language.
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    Moss rock as waterline tile?

    I'm not exactly sure what you think your PB intends to do. I have moss rock on the back of my pool but it is actually in the pool on a shelf so there is no tile in that section. But if you put the moss rock on top of the deck then you would still need tile.
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    12" steps to slide?

    I would think six or seven would be good. Nine seems high to me. You should check if your Code restricts how high it could be
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    New Pool - Southern New Jersey

    My PB did everything in house except the electric. They also told me I got something like 200 or 150 feet included and it was only after many questions I finally discovered that they included distance from lights to panel and not just the distance from panel to my Pad. Then right before...
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    how accurate is the depth of your pool?

    Goesage, Technically, the initial build could have been within the variance and the upgrade could be 11.5 inches. I had a depth issue and made them change it after the Rebar and before the gunite. Generally the Rebar is raised three inches off the floor before the Gunite but sometimes the...
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    Georgia Pool Build.... FIRED PB need advice please!!!

    I have a 3hp pump for my waterfall and slide but we were getting more water than we needed. So I had my PB add a connection (additional pipe) that let me defer some of the water that would have gone to the waterfall and had it sent to a return ( and I can control how much water goes to that...
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    N/B IG pool/spa/grotto/waterfall/slide start 7/26

    Re: New build starting July 1st I have a pump that sends water to the waterfall and the slide. The slide gets only a small amount of water. I used to have an actuator so I can change the amount of water going to the waterfall ( I could make it pour over a lot or just a little). But I took the...