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  1. txnole

    Pool Man says extreme heat in SoCal is causing green algae for many customers

    My favorite part of this story... POOL GUY: A lot of my customers are struggling with green algae. (((HINT))) Probably not the right pool guy!!! :joker: (((HINT)))
  2. txnole

    Chlorine high, water getting greener

    I suspect that your test results are going to show "off the chart high" CYA due to puck usage, as pucks add CYA to the water as well as chlorine. CYA doesn't dissipate, so - over time - continually adding CYA will begin to render your "off the chart high" chlorine level ineffective. If you've...
  3. txnole

    going from green to white oily looking substance on surface

    Your FC (2ppm) per your results is too low for your CYA. SLAM and then maintain per your CYA.
  4. txnole

    Augmenting SWG

    Off topic - We miss living in Flower Mound!!
  5. txnole

    Cloudy Mess AGAIN

    One caveat on draining, find out where your water table is. If you just dump all the water' you may end up floating your pool. Dropping to 1 ft may be the answer ultimately, but I wouldn't run out and do it until I understood what is the impact of your water table.
  6. txnole

    Swamp thang, you've made my wife...ANGRY

    I like where this is heading!!!
  7. txnole

    Skimmer socks

    I've used these for about a year with no issues. At $0.07/per, if I tear one then eh... ok.
  8. txnole

    What do I do now?

    While you're awaiting your test kit, I would suggest you update your signature line with the details of your pool.