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    Anybody with sidewall suction instead of main drains?

    They were going to put three sets of main drains in my pool at the bottom, but i didnt like the look of that so I had them put one set on the wall. For the set on the wall I had them put three (instead of the required two) to decrease the risk of a suction accident. In other words, although...
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    Pipe size

    Maybe he wants to be able to turn a return off if there is a leak without affecting the other returns. If one pipe goes to three returns and that pipe leaks, he probably has to dig up the leaking pipe and fix it right away, but if each return has its own pipe, he could just shut it down and fix...
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    And now the Polaris pump dies

    A pump is probably about $250. Buy a new one and you are good to go. No reason to get a robot cleaner if the Polaris is still working.
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    Skimmer Socks/nylons - All Summer Long?

    I started using skimmer socks this year and cleaned them each day during pollen season. But once that ended I started using the cheap hairnets on Amazon for about 6 cents a piece. I change them every other day or so (just throw them out). I don't think it will help that much as i probably will...
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    Longer Lasting Alternative to Skimmer Socks?

    I use what GARY300 uses and throw them away each time I change them. I had been using $4 ones and washing them but that was a big pain.
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    Need some help with AQUALINK control advice

    I have an AQUALINK and I can't turn anything on when it's in service mode. I think it's set up that way.
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    Waterfall and deck jets working on the same pump

    The plumbing set up is where all the pumps and filter are. He wants to see a picture of the pipes attached to those pumps so he can see how the water is flowing from your equipment pad to the pool. From the way you described it I am guessing that from your equipment pad water goes to a pipe...
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    Skimmer basket nets

    Got it. Thanks a lot.
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    Skimmer basket nets

    I just ordered this as my pool is getting a lot of pollen. Can or should these be used on the pump basket as well?
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    2 vs 3 returns

    I don't have an opinion about the missing return, but what is it you are getting for signing the form? In other words why would you sign such a form? Are you recieving something in return?
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    Variable speed pump settings confusing me

    I appreciate all the responses. I'll try different speeds and see how things go.
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    Variable speed pump settings confusing me

    I have a Jandy Variable Speed SVRS Epump. I believe it may permit me to run it at 8 different speeds, but I'm still trying to confirm that. My issue is I have no idea what speed to run it for various functions. When I run it to filter the water, what speed should it be? When I run it while...