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    Does anyone use a pH electronic reader?

    You can buy an acid demand regent for a couple of bucks and add a drop to the test. It will lower your Ph and the resulting color is generally easier to read. You can then reverse engineer using Pool math what your actual PH was before the addition of the acid demand regent.
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    Adding Muriatic Acid directly to skimmer

    I'm not sure what the point of your experiment was. Do you find it easier to add the acid at the skimmer as opposed to pouring it by a return?
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    CYA conversations

    Re: Industry moving toward CYA at or below 50 ppm Mikemass, You are questioning why TFP is suggesting to use a higher amount of CYA in a SWG. But if I understand correctly, TFP has a standard CYA for a non-SWG pool (which is lower) and is merely suggesting that in a SWG a higher CYA can be...