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  1. txnole

    Water overflow problem?!

    A gravity overflow drain shouldn't have forward flow, unless the "output" end is far under water. If this happening regularly then the drain pipe is either blocked (most likely where it terminates) or it is not installed properly. Running a gravity drain pipe isn't rocket science, so it's likely...
  2. txnole

    Filter Style Sanity Check

    Really love the water clarity - especially at night - from the Pentair cartridge.
  3. txnole

    Pump has stopped....what now?

    I'd look hard at the capacitor on the Pentair side, the sooner the better.
  4. txnole

    Pentair Heat Pump Not working

    I feel like we need a little more info: starting temp to calculate X to 78; outdoor temp; flow rate. What are you doing to maintain temp? Thanks!
  5. txnole

    Motor/pump just died, full pool, and Hermine on the way - HELP!

    Ace has great little submersible utility pumps.
  6. txnole

    Empty Jacuzzi Water Into Pool

    The only way for us to know this would be to see your plumbing. Can you attach a pic? If not, I suppose you could use a sump pump.
  7. txnole

    dropped pvc pipe into skimmer

    You left out the most important part... WHICH SMALL ISLAND? ��
  8. txnole

    Pump went out - thinking about a Variable speed pump

    Matt - There was a replacement thread just a week or so ago where the owner compared the watts used at specific flow rates and - per his tests - he was using 80% less power. I can't imagine that would be the case for every pool owner, but it is certainly true that there will be some noticeable...
  9. txnole

    Real world Power usage comparison of old pump with a new Pentair Intelliflo VS 011018

    Cool test. There's no question that the new VS pumps are much more efficient, but I'm surprised that you measured 5x savings in your test. We have been very pleased with our Intelliflo and it is much more efficient than our Pentair feature pump.
  10. txnole

    Longer Lasting Alternative to Skimmer Socks?

    I use the above 3M hair nets. Work ridiculously well.
  11. txnole

    Cover the filterpump?

    Yes and no. Your pump needs airflow, so it would need to be something that allowed some flow. Google pump cover and you'll see there are a huge variety of implementations - everything from pump buildings to "boxes" with side vents.
  12. txnole

    Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Flow Pump - random restarts

    I'm going to guess its SVRS related and you're getting air. Maybe something in a vacuum line? Have you talked to Pentair? There were some internet reports of incompatible firmware shutting off pumps when using military time rather than a 12-hour clock, but that sounds a bit fishy to me. I would...
  13. txnole

    Bad pool pump ?

    Sorry no reply yet... I'm sure others will be by shortly to assist.
  14. txnole

    Heater Plumbing PVC/CPVC - Black Couplings - Which Cement

    I would recommend giving them a call on Monday, just to be sure you're not missing anything for your warranty.
  15. txnole

    Pool/Spa Spillover Setup

    Thanks for the compliment. Given the options, I'd run SPILLWAY for 20% of your daily program and POOL for 80%. I would only use SPA manually when it's time for a good soak!!
  16. txnole

    Pool/Spa Spillover Setup

    I think I have a very similar setup to yours with Pentair automation. I treat the pool / spa as one body of water. I cannot "turn off" my spillway - it constantly flows (gravity) provided there is flow into the spa. Valves are normally set to 20% spa return / 80% pool return. See pics. Let me...
  17. txnole

    Proper valve settings

    Correct position for what? Operating the pool? Spa? Pool cleaner?
  18. txnole

    Anyone Own a Dog That Loves to Swim?

    Rather than socks, these hairnets are fantastic. Someone from TFP turned me on to these and I love em. They go for about $8/case at Amazon 3M Disposable Hair Net 407, Spunbond Polypropylene, Universal, White (Case of 100)
  19. txnole

    Advice on Intelliflo V/S

    OP - Tough call... You may have to vote tobreak the tie. ;) FWIW, I also love my Intelliflo for all the reasons you discussed. I can't vouch for the plumbing differences, but your current timer setup will work. Without automation, the controls on the top of the Intelliflo will control speeds...
  20. txnole

    VS pump schedule not changing

    Ok. Thanks for the tip!
  21. txnole

    VS pump schedule not changing

    As an aside, how do you quantify skimming effectively?
  22. txnole

    VS pump schedule not changing

    Thanks, JasonLion. I was thinking I must have it correct as well. For grins, I just powered down the unit at the breaker and let everything come back up. Now it's working on the regular pool schedule. I'm not sure how or why, but I'll just have to wait and see what works. Regarding...
  23. txnole

    VS pump schedule not changing

    Good morning. I'm obviously missing something on a new pump schedule I programmed last night. I intended to set my VS to run at a higher speed for one hour and then ramp down to low speed; instead, it's just running at high speed continuously. This was my original schedule: POOL FEATURE -...
  24. txnole

    Spa runs in overflow mode all the time

    Re: Adjusting return jets... Thanks for the heads up, Jason. Sounds like I need to ask a few questions about my setup.
  25. txnole

    Spa runs in overflow mode all the time

    This is a an interesting question, as my pool also runs in overflow mode all the time. I'm certain that it could be programmed to bypass the spa, because it creates a "closed loop" for just the spa in spa mode. Therefore I just need to use that "closed loop" and focus it on the pool mode...