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    Pool Cleaners (robot, etc)- how long have you had yours?

    I have had my Polaris 280 for five years (this is my sixth summer with it). It has never had an issue and I would purchase a new one if it ever broke. I keep it in my pool 24 hours a day and run it three hours every day.
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    How long to run Polaris 280?

    I run it three hours a day and leave it in all the time I get bags on amazon
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    Robots VS Pressure cleaners - leave in pool?

    I have the Polaris 280 and leave it in the pool. It's on a timer and runs every day. I like the convenience and would be aggravated if I had to remove and put back a robot each day ( or every third day). I accept that a robot would clean a bit Better, but my Polaris does fine.
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    Pressure Cleaner Died, replace or switch to a robot?

    Understood. But assuming the pool is open for four months, I don't know that a $36 incremental seasonal cost is that significant when deciding whether to get a Robot. I think the prior thread had good pro and cons for each.
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    Pressure Cleaner Died, replace or switch to a robot?

    Polaris verses Robot This thread last year indicated that the cost to run a Polaris with a separate booster pump two hours every day in CA was $13 per month.
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    Pressure Cleaner Died, replace or switch to a robot?

    I'd go for the Polaris 280. Many people like robots but there are certain disadvantages. For instance, the Polaris can be left in the pool so you don't have to lug a robot back and forth, which can be a real pain. And if you like to run the Polaris on a daily basis, that can get annoying...
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    Polaris verses Robot

    When you run the Polaris you will spend more electricity on its own booster pump and you may even spend more on the regular pump if you run that at a higher speed than you otherwise would have run it. But it's hard for me to imagine that the total extra electricity could be anything...
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    Polaris verses Robot

    I got the Polaris and I like it a lot. Many people on this cite have said it is best to take robots out of the pool each day and I would find that very annoying. However, others have said they leave he robots in the water. You should read those threads and decide whether you would leave it in...