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    basketball hoop

    I don’t notice mine leaning
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    Proper pool shed foundation

    Thanks for the confirmation. That was the way we are planning to go.
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    Proper pool shed foundation

    Thanks everyone
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    Proper pool shed foundation

    I am plannig to purchase a shed for my backyard (to store all pool related stuff like chairs, floats, etc). It will be about 10 x 16 or 12 x 16 or maybe bigger if once we get there we decide on a larger one. My question is what type of base should I use? Some places suggest gravel (or rocks)...
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    New building code for low voltage lights around pool?

    Necguru, My town told me it was acceptable to put outside speakers five feet from the waters edge. The outside speakers are connected by speaker wires to a Sonos device on my house. Does that make sense to you? Or would the same concept apply that they shouldn't be 5 feet from the pool...
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    Patio material that stays coolest

    I live in NJ and have a Marble coping and it is as cool as can be. I think Marble is very much like Travertine. I have techo block inca pavers for the decking and they are not as cool as the Marble but my feet never feel hot on it. I also have a border of small brick around the techo block and...
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    basketball hoop

    My deck guy dug a hole for each pole and poured concrete around the thing the pole goes into. There is a metal screw attached to it and we bonded that to the binding wire going around the pool. I think SR Smith told me if I got the one not rated for salt it would be destroyed right away. They...
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    basketball hoop

    Here is a picture. It still needs to be straightened and tightened.
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    basketball hoop

    I picked SR Smith because their hoop (if you order the right one) is made for salt pools. Also the hoop looked really good. I'll take a picture later and post it but you can probably find one on their cite. I got one called commercial because it is set 18 inches behind edge of pool. My coping...
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    basketball hoop

    I got a basketball hoop from sr smith. They make one rated for salt pools as well. It's being installed now and looks great. Interfab also sells one but jute changed their design last year and instead of a rectangle it is a half moon which I don't like much.
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    New Waterfall and Cave Install

    How deep is the water where the big kids jump and are they jumping from six feet above water level?
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    Advice on pool deck furniture....

    Were you able to get the Ledge Loungers for less than $600. If so where do you get them?
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    Outdoor music/sonos

    I am building a pool and would like to put speakers around the pool and hot tub. We installed Sonos in our house in December 2007, so will utilize it for the outdoors. We already have outdoor speakers on our lower patio, but want to put speakers around the pool and hot tub (the hot tub is a...