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  1. txnole

    Best idea to cushion bottom?

    Depending on the amount of cushion you're thinking... Styrofoam, corrugated honeycomb pads, maybe even play sand.
  2. txnole

    thinkng of upgrades/changes ... need some advice from the experts!

    I can only speak as a plaster pool owner, but I will tell you that my maintenance with SWG is really negligible. I have never once added bleach or chlorine. ((KNOCK ON WOOD))
  3. txnole

    Town with no (or very few) pools?

    I hear the have pools in FL. (Just sayin)
  4. txnole

    Blue substance on Filter

    Very good that you have the kit, but you really must use it here. You've already lost one heater... definitely time to take charge.
  5. txnole

    Vacation... Applying trichlor pucks?

    What's your CYA and pH?