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  1. txnole

    4th of July Party!

    Happy Brexit 1776!
  2. txnole

    Extending Wifi to the Pool Area

    It's overkill for you application, but the Hawking 5dbi Omni will completely cover you. Affix to home, power and you'll be shuffling between Willie Nelson and Boy George in no time. LINK:
  3. txnole

    palm tree on pool deck

    Where you are located in zone 8, you need a particularly robust palm to be potted outdoors year-round. I would suggest a windmill palm, mule palm or washingtonia palm. All of these are naturally cold resistant, with the mule and windmill being the better choices. They will constrain to the pot...
  4. txnole

    Poolside shade solutions

    I think you we more on the correct course in your sail pursuit than a freestanding umbrella, because of your gusts. I get the cost factor differential and its significant, but a good sail structure is going to give you much more enjoyment / much less hassle than freestanding umbrellas. I don't...
  5. txnole

    Outdoor kitchen countertop choice, granite vs. concrete

    Our neighbor has Quartz..... highly recommend
  6. txnole

    Indiana Pool Finished and Updated Pics

    Wow! So relaxing. I love the stamped concrete!!
  7. txnole

    Name That Chair

    These look like Strathwood Textilene chairs; they're discontinued by Amazon. Today's Patio has a similar textilene chair & ottoman. You can find quite a few that are all aluminum, but the teak arms are harder to find and/or pricey.
  8. txnole

    Trying to update our speakers BUT

    On the Sonos side, you can also "line in" your existing stereo and use the Sonos system to play your receivers content. I believe it was mentioned that Sonos plays Tunein Radio and iheartradio, which are essentially live streaming of your favorite radio channels content. My Sonos system is...
  9. txnole

    Bull BBQ Island

    Looks good. Congrats!
  10. txnole

    Outdoor Grill Island Build w/ Custom Concrete Counters inset lights ???

    Attach your plan drawing. There has to be a second way to achieve this result.
  11. txnole

    Two Different Fence Heights

    If it were me, I would greenscape for privacy. Two layers of tree/hedge and a few Freestanding Acurio panels interspersed for privacy/artistic punch. Got CT, you should be able to get a number of upright arborvitae or juniper that can be hedged to 8'. You're correct that it will take one...
  12. txnole

    DIY Pool Umbrella

    I would definitely consider a cantilever umbrella for your deck. This would give you shade coverage over your pool without the concrete / granite / ironman challenge. ;)
  13. txnole

    Outdoor Kitchen Design

    Since you're plumbing the water line and drain, I suggest an insinkerator
  14. txnole

    Pool Accessories - What Do You Have

    You need some essentials: Shatterproof Wine Glasses Shatterproof Rocks Glasses Turkish Towels Kelsyus Floating Lounger And don't get me started on bars, coolers, palm trees and music!!!
  15. txnole

    Outdoor Kitchen in progress!

    Great project!!! Well done!!!
  16. txnole

    Best setup for outdoor stereo system

    Did you pull the trigger!
  17. txnole

    Best setup for outdoor stereo system

    Sonos amp to Kliptish outdoor speakers
  18. txnole

    Fire pit

    How isn't this a bad idea? Unless you've got multiple layers of non-conductive material in between, I wouldn't recommend this at all.
  19. txnole

    20x40 free form pool gunite.

    I second the bronze aluminum fence.
  20. txnole

    What's your current pool temp?

    83 this morning. I'm keeping a blanket on now that the nights are getting cold into the 60s
  21. txnole

    Outdoor Shower options

    Unrelated, but... related:
  22. txnole

    Hide your pool equipment.

    Looks great. Nicely done!!
  23. txnole

    Gas Grill Reviews

    Lynx grills
  24. txnole

    Gas Grill Reviews

    I think there are some top performers in different applications - size, price, etc. Any hints as to what you're looking for?
  25. txnole

    Outdoor Kitchen in progress!

    Great! Can't wait to see it!
  26. txnole

    Outdoor Kitchen in progress!

    Nice design and use of existing resources!! Are you dropping your cart grill into the enclosure? Love to hear the plan there. Also, any concern about the grill heat next to your stucco?
  27. txnole

    Patio, Koi Pond & Outdoor Kitchen Build in Houston

    Wow! Great project and huge value added! Very jealous!!
  28. txnole

    Outdoor speaker questions

    I did the Sonos Connect Amp and then ran it out to Klipsch KHO-7 speakers. Couldn't be happier.
  29. txnole

    Underwater speakers

    I stayed at a hotel that had underwater sound for lap swimming. It was more effective than I expected.
  30. txnole

    Outdoor speaker questions

    If you love your Sonos, why not consider a Sonos connect amp with some outdoor speakers?