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    iAqualink vs. ScreenLogic Automation Options? Which to get?

    There are three minor issues with iaqualink. First, it doesn’t allow me to set the lights to go on at sunset and off at sunrise. I have to keep changing the on/off times as the seasons come and go. Second, if I want to set something to go on every Monday or every day I can do that easily. But...
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    How to repair/seal gap all around the pool and cracks on deck.

    I think you want sikaflex to fill the gap between the coping and deck
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    Autopilot digital 220 and iaqualink

    I believe I could hook up my digital 220 autopilot to my iaqualink although that would mean I lose the temperature feature whereby the temperature affects how much chlorine is made. If I do that, what information would the iaqualink give me? Would it tell me if the autopilot had a low flow...
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    Laminar or Standard Deck Jets?

    I have two bubblers on my sun deck and two laminars. I tend to keep the bubblers on a lot (as I like the look and the sound). We don’t use the laminars too often as they interfere with the basketball and volleyball.
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    Troublefreepool appearance on iphone

    Thanks Leebo. That fixed it.
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    Troublefreepool appearance on iphone

    I have an IPHONE 6, and have noticed that the way the website appears on my IPHONE 6 has changed in the last 6 months or so. Below are two pictures that show how it used to appear (this is the look I like). But now it almost always looks like this (a look I don't like): Is there a way...
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    Concrete decking surface options?

    A hot deck is a disaster I know someone that puts towels down because it gets so hot. I have techo block INCA pavers that gets warm but does not get too hot, and a marble coping that doesn't even get warm in 95 degree weather. The problem with marble or travertine is that it can get slippery.
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    Replacement cartridge filter jandy

    Thanks again. That's what I'll do.
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    Replacement cartridge filter jandy

    Thanks. I do use TF_100 and check pool every few days. Does it make sense to put clean filter in right before closing (do filters get dirty when close pool for winter or is there no water going into filter when pool closed)?
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    Replacement cartridge filter jandy

    I have the Jandy CL-580 Filter and want to buy replacement cartridges (so I can replace them when I clean the dirty ones). I see a 4 pack Pleatco PJAN145 brand for $169 at PoolSupply (includes $20 off) and $182 at amazon. Is the Pleatco brand a good one? Any reason not to use a generic like...
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    Salt deteriorating grotto top slab?

    Thanks Matt. He does some work for A&S when they recommend him but they were not my pool builder. I actually learned about him when I interviewed A&S so ended up using him solely for the grotto and rock wall. I think the two pieces of stone cost him about $1500 or so ( I was able to price it...
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    Salt deteriorating grotto top slab?

    Update; I asked my Grotto builder to fix the joint connecting the two bluestone slabs and he quoted me $900 to fix the joint, clean the flaking (which will take 2 minutes by just rubbing it off ) and seal the top and bottom of the slab (with a Stonetech water-resistant sealer). I thought that...
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    pool builder recommendations- Bergen County, NJ

    I used SWIMMOR pools in Nj. If they are around you you can pm me and I'll give you my insight
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    Salt deteriorating grotto top slab?

    Thanks everyone. I didn't think it was the salt either. I think I'll ask him to redo the morta joint and seal it as well. I might have him seal both sides of the Bluestone cover as well (seems like it can't hurt) but not the rocks on the top or inside the Grotto. Matt you mentioned having...
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    Salt deteriorating grotto top slab?

    Matt, When you say you would not seal the stone ( but would seal the joint), is that because you don't think sealing the whole stone will do much. I assume you don't think it would cause a problem?
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    Salt deteriorating grotto top slab?

    My pool was built last year and there is a Grotto made out of rock. My contractor didn't have one solid bluestone slab that fit the top so he put on two pieces (one of which covered most of the Grotto). He cemented the two pieces together. You can see the cement in the picture. . I noticed...
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    SR Smith vs Interfab in deck basketball hoop

    I think the Interfab is a half moon (used to be a rectangle) but the SR smith is rectangular. I think it looks nicer.
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    Bonding safety cover brass anchors

    There is a bonding grid around my pool but the anchors are not bonded. And the anchors drilled into the inside rocks are certainly not bonded. I don't know how those drilled into rock could ever be bonded, but I asked the question because they could have had the cover go over the rock walk and...
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    Bonding safety cover brass anchors

    I have a loop loc safety cover and when they installed it they put brass anchors in my paver deck and in my rock wall and grotto along the back of my pool. Some rocks are actually on a ledge inside my pool. When in the pool one can easily touch the anchors that were drilled inside the rocks...
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    Question about iaqualink rs

    You have the Autopilot 220, which is not compatible with the AQUALINK. There may be a way to connect it, but you would lose the feature on the autopilot that adjusts the Chlorine production based on the current temperature ( and I'm not sure it could be done but I think somone once indicated it...
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    Pool socks effect on chlorine

    Thanks everyone. Good to know.
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    Pool socks effect on chlorine

    When a pool sock is used in the skimmer the skimmer basket retains a lot of dirt and other stuff which would otherwise flow through to the filter. Does that cause the pool to use more chlorine while it attacks the stuff retained in the skimmer basket?
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    Heater question

    Why would they replace a heater of it was more than 20 years old? Am I missing something?
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    How MORE expensive is your electric bill (thinking about installing a heat pump)?

    I think it has been well established on past threads that using a heat pump to maintain a temperature 24 hours a day is generally much cheaper than using natural gas. However, heat pumps have a hard time heating pools when the temperature is low while gas has much less difficulty in that...
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    Replace actuator

    Matt, When you refer to the black thumb screw, do you mean the black locking knob that you turn counterclockwise (or an actual screw)? When I take the actuator off, what do I need to do with the connection from the actuator to the IAQUALINK?. It looks like there is a wire that goes from the...
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    Replace actuator

    Above is a picture of an actuator I have that controls how much water goes to my slide. I realize I would much prefer to be able to control it with a manual valve because the actuator only gives me two options (large amount and smaller amount) of water to the slide. And water is often bouncing...
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    Pool sealant for space between concrete and coping

    I think my PB used Seca flex looks good