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    I have a main drain question on a new pool build

    I have two sets of main drains in the bottom of my pool. One is associated with my variable speed pump and the other with my pump for my grotto. I also have a set of main drains on a wall (3 drains (instead of 2) actually to minimize the risk of entrapment) that runs my waterfall pump. One...
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    Constant pH adjustment?

    Understood. If you ever want to experiment you don't need to concrete the rocks on- you can simply put them on top. Your pool looks great by the way.
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    Constant pH adjustment?

    The picture of your waterfall seems to show most of the water coming down the middle and none on the left ( the top left of your roof seems dry). If you place a couple of small rocks on the roof you can alter the flow so that the water flows evenly down the roof onto the pool. You may or may...
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    TFTestkits has a big "Oops" to report

    Why is the Taylor r003 and the r0011L not included? Is it because it doesn't matter if they have the wrong tip for that one? Interestingly, I have the Taylor r0015 which I didn't purchase from you (because you didn't sell it) and it has the wrong tip. I assume that is a problem?
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    Posting question

    I agree with Jason. You should consider preventing past photos from being delivered.
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    Chemicals Slipping Out of Control....

    You mention that you would rather not drain your pool but with a 12000 gallon pool the cost may be every small ( it cost me less than $ 250 for a 40000 gallon pool) and it may make your life much easier since you won't have to deal with the metals.
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    Frog problem

    I was looking into a product sold by wayfair. Some type of wire mesh that goes on your fence to keep the frogs out of the yard. You may want to consider it.
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    How long to run a suction cleaner?

    I have a Polaris 280 and run it three hours a day and generally leave it in the pool even when swimming
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    2016 Muriatic Acid Prices

    Just picked it up from Home Depot $10 for two one gallon jugs
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    Mesh safety cover 101. Need help.

    bk406, you indicated that you lower your water line to just below the bottom of the skimmer. My pool is closed but I am guessing that the bottom of the skimmer is about 9-10 inches below the top of the pool. I mention that because you also suggest that thevwater should be a foot to fifteen...
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    Help with possible pool overflowing issues, long distance!

    Some autofils are electronic and you won't find it in the skimmer. the water is filled from either a hose bib or a sprinkler. From there the water goes into the pool via a return or a separate line. Check to see if there is a line from an outside hose bib( I assume not because the PB would...
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    Price agreed to but can't agree to contract terms...what to do?

    Chyvan, I think Yev's point was that in everyday life the risk of nonpayment vs non-receipt of services (or receipt of defective services or products) is allocated either to the buyer (homeowner) or service provider, depending on the type of service or product. Have you ever bought a plain...
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    Price agreed to but can't agree to contract terms...what to do?

    Although attaching a lien isn't inherently difficult, mistakes are often made invalidating the liens. Furthermore, forcing a payment requires litigation ( the attachment of a lien merely secures your ability to eventually get a payment) and is expensive and disruptive to a business. If this...
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    Price agreed to but can't agree to contract terms...what to do?

    You need to find out what is custom on your area. When I build by pool this year I added a four or five page rider covering all the issues that were important to me. I did not however address the payment schedule which was similar to yours. I had spoken to a lot of people that had used the...
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    Improper liner install

    I don't agree that reversing charges is problematic. You were lucky that the CC company was willing to do it so late in the game but that is only to your advantage. It forces them to sue you. How much is in dispute? I'm not familiar wih Texas law but irbid hard to imagine that reversing...
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    Improper liner install

    I don't know if I would get a lawyer. Legal fees can be expensive and even if you win you will have to pay your own legal fees. Did they sue you in small claims court? If so I would consider showing up yourself. You definitely should have a quote or two in hand from a pool company to fix...