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  1. txnole

    solar or gas for heating. your thoughts if you would

    We have solar - love it. Amelia Island is on the Atlantic Ocean at approximately Interstate 10 to give you some perspective on latitude/climate. We have gas for the hot tub only; I wouldn't use gas for the pool for the reason metnioned above -its best for quickly raising temperature, not for...
  2. txnole

    Solar heater creation - pump needed

    I have and love solar, but this is NOT the application that's going to net you much warmth unless your willing to spend more than $900. Fix the heater and move on.
  3. txnole

    Skimmer socks great price

    3M Hair nets - 100 for $9.10 .... can't be beaten ...
  4. txnole

    Do you have a security system or video camera on your pool area?

    I think you need to asess your security goals. You mentioned a security system and a camera, so something like an alarm/alert when someone enters the pool area? Can you give us an idea of what the area looks like? For example, is it an enclosed area that needs an alarm when the fence is breached...
  5. txnole

    Pentair wifi connection problems-what is required?

    Congrats on your pool. I find it really curious that your Pentair installer didn't review how to control the system with you or set the initial programming. This is generally part of the install. Can you elaborate more on your system? Do you also have an easytouch remote or just the supposed...
  6. txnole

    Thinking about a solar heater

    The University of Central Florida collects solar pool data, tests nearly every panel manufacturer and publishes the solar heater data online. It's a great resource here: For Pools We chose to use iSwim panels and they have been great. To your point, installer experience is very important, as is...
  7. txnole

    Pool skimmer filter fabric

    If someone wants disposable, these are the best : 3M Disposable Hair Net 407, Spunbond Polypropylene 3M Disposable Hair Net 407, Spunbond Polypropylene, Universal, White (Case of 100): Industrial Scientific
  8. txnole

    Mysterious bug

    Looks like a leaf net. :laughblue:
  9. txnole

    Noobie - Gas Heater or Electric Heat Pump?

    +1 for solar pool heat
  10. txnole

    Developing New Pool Tracking App - Input Welcomed!

    Pool Monitor for iOS incorporates these functions except reminders. One suggestion would be to permit user-defined ranges before trigger 'alerts' to add chemicals. Pool Monitor does this and it's much better to set my preferred range for TA, for example, than to live with a default.
  11. txnole

    Frontgate Pool Chaises?

    If you have your heart set on that model, you can get the clone from the Frontgate manufacturer and save 33% on Amazon: TRC Recreation Super Soft Adjustable Recliner, Bronze: Sports Outdoors For me (and the 1,400+ peeps who rate if 5-stars), the Kelsyus is awesomesauce...
  12. txnole

    Pool cover (winter) with a weeping wall

    I don't use a safety cover, but - in Texas - I might be tempted to cut a solar cover to size and just leave it at that.
  13. txnole

    Perpetually cloudy pool

    The cloud may be your powder... and it sounds like it may have been clogging your filter and not dissolved. I would agree to discontinue and re-read directions in total before using again. (Perhaps it needs to be fully dissolved in a bucket before adding?) As far as SLAM goes, SLAM every day...
  14. txnole

    Perpetually cloudy pool

    This is going to make me sound like a jerk, but... here goes: your posts read as if you're selectively following the process as you see fit and are frustrated by the lack of results. Unless I'm missing it, I don't see anything about you actually doing the SLAM, holding at 27, brushing, and...
  15. txnole

    Heater turning on by itself?

    When you say gasoline, are you referring to natural gas or propane... or some type of generator? This doesn't seem like a heater problem - after all, it is heating in spa mode, correct? I would immediately look at your programming. Perhaps someone made a change or there is an overlapping...
  16. txnole

    Spa and distance from equipment and heater

    I inferred that @pooldv would move the heater AWAY, too (not closer). I agree with the designer here as well. In the end, it's your money but.... It looks as if you got lucky when the new designer came on board.
  17. txnole

    INYO Pools Supplies

    Re: INYO Pools Supplies - Amateurs? I've never used INYO, but - based upon Patrick's response - I would t hesitate to use them. Great example of a provider who cares.
  18. txnole

    Texas vs. SWG - What is the deal

    Jagger's point about water softeners should be considered... Many/most homes in Texas have salt system softeners, and yet... You don't hear hordes of contractors lamenting them. Whether they will admit it or not, pool sales is about MARGINS and SWGs aren't providing the same margins. Sorry to...
  19. txnole

    All those wet towels and what to do with them

    That IKEA one is nice, but I'm thinking I'll just make the wall mount version with PVC and black/bronze paint.
  20. txnole

    All those wet towels and what to do with them

    Coat rack?? Songmics Metal Coat Rack Hat Rack Purse Display Stand Hall Tree 4 Tiers 15 Hooks Black URCR17B: Kitchen Dining
  21. txnole

    How MORE expensive is your electric bill (thinking about installing a heat pump)?

    If you have southern exposure, the temp on your roof is ~20+ degrees above the air temp, so even when it's in the 50s you could be boosting your water temps. We chose solar because the wife likes the water @ 86 deg.
  22. txnole

    Solar heater

    Sounds interesting. I would watch to ensure you stay within the operating temperatures for your coils.
  23. txnole

    Pentair EasyTouch programming - one more time...

    Help us further... are you programming via your computer or at the panel? Have your spoken to Pentair?
  24. txnole

    Building new pool down south

    Florida here. HOA board here. Solar here. Long story short, state law in Florida forbids any HOA from preventing solar (both pool solar heating and PV). Your HOA must permit it. I don't agree about solar being ineffective in "off-season" for Sarasota, which is zone 10. Provided you have a...
  25. txnole

    Building new pool down south

    Since we haven't discussed it yet, I would suggest you consider solar. Beyond the obvious heating benefit and zero cost of operation, solar also has the benefit of being able to cool water by running through the tubes after the sun is down, when your roof temperatures are lower than the water...
  26. txnole

    Heliocol installation questions (DIY)

    +1 for solar controller
  27. txnole

    Heat pump for florida gulf coast

    I understand the roof concerns, as I had much the same. Once we fully understood what was involved it calmed my nerves. $4k - $5k single outlay and 80-degree water. I'm a fan.
  28. txnole

    IntelliTouch vs EasyTouch

    There are a number of threads on this going back 6 or 7 years. Intellitouch supports 7 valves and Easytouch is 4. The real question is what do you reasonably expect to control now/future. Slight side-topic... You said you may replace all equipment. If you do I suggest a Pentair filter as well...
  29. txnole

    Heat pump for florida gulf coast

    If you have good exposure, solar heat may be a very viable option for you. Our pool - slightly larger - is in the 80s this year with just a few weeks of solar. I think we are just a bit north of you in latitude, but similar. :swim:
  30. txnole

    Large spillway thoughts/recommendations

    I also have a 5' spillway - granite - with a slightly beveled edge to keep the water from shearing until it loses contact with the spillway. The total drop is about 18", which may be shorter than yours. I have the system on a single VS pump and use the spa valve to help regulate the flow. The...