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    Pool Fence DIY

    The drill guide will still be useful, I'd definitely get one. You won't need a hammer drill unless you're drilling into concrete or something hard like that. You'll just need a drill and bit that can drill into your deck material. I'd call the company about whether or not the hollow deck...
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    Pool Fence DIY

    I've had a Poolfence DIY fence up for a couple of years and it works well. Are you installing into concrete? The panel lengths are adjustable with a little (easy) cutting and reassembly. The poles work fine, no issues with the material being weak. We've removed sections for parties and...
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    how low can you go (water temp)?

    Why don't you close it? Seems like a lot of energy spent to keep it open. Just curious :unsure:
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    Check out pool Bulge

    Not completely sure how to figure out how the pool is constructed, vinyl liner. Hard to take a picture, I'll try when I get home later.
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    Check out pool Bulge

    :wave: I have a vinyl lining that's going to need to be replace in the next couple of years, I'm holding off as long as possible since it will be expensive to do. Have a few patches taht are all holding up just fine. In the meantime, theres a small section in the deep end, about 2-3 feet...
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    New liner in IG pool

    Vinyl liner? I need to replace mine soon so I'm interested as well. Do you mind telling how much the new liner cost?
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    Hole CHEWED in liner!

    Great question, and the answer is none. I had to buy a new cover, it ended up being a custom size/shape and arrived much later than quoted. By the time it arrived the weather had turned and I never installed it.
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    Hole CHEWED in liner!

    Thanks, should I go to local pool store for a patch (Signature or Leslie's)?
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    Hole CHEWED in liner!

    Winter here in New England and my pool has a thick sheet of ice up to just below the top step on my in ground pool. I went to check on things a couple of days ago and there is a hole on the top step. Looks like a squirrel or something chewed right through the vinyl liner! Of course it started...
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    Installing a new cover on an already winterized pool

    Wow I am in the same exact situation! Winterized and lowered the level but haven't installed the new cover that took longer than expected to arrive. I'm planning on installing it as is with the water level low, but would love to hear opinions from the experts here.
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    Where did you buy your safety cover?

    Can these be installed on pavers (brick)?
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    Are tarp & water bag covers safe?

    I have a cover that looks kind of like this: Do these hold up at all if say a child walks out on to them? I'm afraid it would swallow them up but I haven't read anything to tell me one way or another how much of a concern this is.