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    Losing water

    Hey guys yall are awesome. I am glad I stumbled on this website. I have learned so much. Well its hot and sunny here in San Antonio. What do you do to slow down the losing of water through evaporation due to the heat or direct sun. Also I am putting some a sun shade sail this weekend will help...
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    What testing kit do you recommend?

    So I go to leslies Pool supply store here in San Antonio Tx. They have been good but the more I read here most of yall dont trust the stores so I got myself a kit from Home Depot. Did a test and compared to Leslies it wasnt too off. I want to hear your recommendations at what is best. The home...
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    New Intex Pool sand filter 2800gph

    How do you release pressure? When I first installed it the gauge was in the green at .5psi I came home and turned it on so that pump can pump at night instead of the day. Well the pressure was in the green still but it was more then .5 should i be worried? if i need to release pressure how do i...
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    bestway pump not turning on

    I have a Coleman 18ft 2020 pool by bestway. I was cleaning the filter and put it all back together and it stopped working. It was sucking the water in and and it wasn't pushing the water in. It wont turn on and bestway customer service sucks. Can anyone help me please?? I don't know what to do...
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    What filter does it use.

    Hello. I have the Coleman 18x48 vista. The one with the windows. The pump is a 1500gph both products are made by best way. Well what type of filter is it. It says III on top of the filter. I need to buy some but not sure where. I don’t think it’s an A B C. Please help Thanks
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    Unleveled Pool 1.75-1.85 Inches Please Help!!!

    So I have read a couple of posts about leveled and unleveled pools. For the most part people are saying if the pool is not leveled under 3 inches then the pool should be fine. Well I have two photos of my pool. I measured and it was like 1.75 to 1.85 in off compared to one side. My ground is in...
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    Hello Yall

    Hello, My name is Ruben I just put up my first pool. Coleman 18ft x 4ft. I am excited but at the same time since its my first pool and I do not know anything about pools. I don't know anything about cleaning and maintaining the pool. I know it takes work but anything for my little family. I have...