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    Using Dolphin Oasis Z5 in an above ground pool?

    Have a spare Dolphin Oasis Z5 pool robot. Was thinking of giving to a relative for their above ground pool. This model cleans the bottom as well as the sides and waterline of an IGP. Could it damage an above ground pool? It always got caught on my drains in the deep end and spun in circles...
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    IC60 Chlorinator: Communication Lost?

    Hi - have been running my Pentair EasyTouch, ScreenLogic2 and IC60 SWCG for 3 years now without any real issue. Though last year had my IC60 flow switch replaced under warranty. After reinstalling the IC60 this season (was kept in storage during winter, swapped in dummy cell), there was also no...
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    Buying teak patio furniture online?

    Has anyone had success doing this? Time has come to replace our aging power coated furniture around SWCG pool with newer furniture. Preferably something more durable and less prone to the elements. Overstock seems to have quite a bit of it with free shipping. How is their quality? Is it real...
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    TA raised over the winter - best approach?

    Hi - this is first year since we've had pool that we've left it open over the winter. While Pool Math app indicates my CSI is acceptable -0.16, my TA has increased to a level it's never hit before (110). Removed SWCG and moved to liquid chlorine, like usual, during the off season. This is...
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    Proper use of Heat Pump?

    Last year (season 1 of pool ownership), we used our heat pump on an ad hoc, manual basis. Switch on in morning, heat up during day, switch off at night as not to run overnight with dropped temps, then back on two days later, etc. Are heat pumps designed to be left on to maintain a set temp...
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    Air bubble in pump lid normal?

    Recently noticed a gradually forming air bubble in the lid of my Pentair pump. Typically there is so little air visible in the lid, it’s almost impossible to tell there’s water within. After having some people in pool yesterday, I got an EasyTouch alert indicating low flow though I hadn’t...
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    How to clean worm stains from pool plaster?

    Unfortunately, like many places, we’ve had significant rain. Has resulted in excess works in pool. Haven’t allowed them to sit for very long on the bottom. Luckily have been able to vacuum, scoop and scrape them from plaster quartz bottom surface though there are a few areas where they’ve left...
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    Ice damaged diamond brite plaster finish

    First winter with pool. Didn’t winterize at first. Until New Years temps held near 0 for a few days. Covered equipment pad with tarp, 60W bulb overnight, kept pump running. Pool started freezing. Panicked. Had pool winterized by PB. After thawing, noted surface of my first step into pool had...
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    Test chemistry while winterized?

    My first winter with an IGP. Had pool pump running 24/7 for entire season with perfectly balanced water until temps dropped dangerously low around New Years. Day and night temps were 0-4F and water was rapidly freezing despite pump running. Even had tarp over equipment pad with 60W bulbs...
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    High Calcium Hardness. How to address?

    Our first successful pool season has come to a close. Have replaced our SWG with dummy cell and taken readings. pH 7.8 (this was my SWG target) CH 450 (this has been consistent; hasn’t exceeded this level all swim season) TA 80 Should I be lowering my pH level closer to 7.5 now that the SWG...
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    Storage container for reagents, etc?

    So I ordered the TF-100 kit that comes with the basic, plastic storage box with compartments. Have since accumulated more stuff like the Taylor water sample tool, extra sample tubes, auto stirrer, etc. It is quickly cluttering up my workbench [emoji23] Has anyone found a good, portable storage...
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    Screenlogic showing incorrect air temp

    Have a new Pentair equipment setup and SL2 install. SL2 air temperature is consistently incorrect. After calibrating in Screen Connect, it will appear correct for a few minutes before regressing back to an incorrect reading. How to fix this? If using a Pentair heat pump, should the water sensor...
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    How to order replacement Sunbrella furniture cushions?

    Bought patio furniture from Target several years ago. Came with 2 ottomans, 2 chairs and a loveseat. Basic beige colored cushions. They've gotten very dirty and stained over the years. Was hoping to replace. Each cushion has tags on them but no part number to search online. Just small # 12, 17...
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    ScreenLogic2 - run higher pump RPM with Heater?

    Hi - I have SL2 and all Pentair equipment. Trying to figure how to automatically increase the IntelliFlo 2 VST pump RPM when Heat Pump is selected. Trying to do this using Screenlogic Connect app. Has anyone managed to do this? Thanks.
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    When to turn on heat pump for season?

    Am in AR. We've finally reached daytime high of 70s to low 80s 4-6 days out of the week. Night time temps are in low 60s. Turned heat pump on Easter morning and was able to get pool up from 72 to 78 in a few hours which wasn't bad for swimming. Though would've certainly preferred 80 water temp...
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    EasyTouch 4 - step by step guide to connecting landscape lights?

    Recently had low voltage LED lights placed around perimeter of our pool with wiring run back to the EasyTouch 4 Panel. It's my understanding I have one circuit open to which I can connect outdoor landscape lighting. Has anyone done a step-by-step guide (photos) to connect them? Surprised...
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    Auto-fill valve and water level adjustment

    Had a an autofill valve plumbed into our new IG pool during build. The PB used a Poolmiser PM-101; uses a conventional water level adjustment like a Fluidmaster toilet fill valve. Water Leveler - Poolmiser Automatic Water Leveler - PM-101 Had it connected to our irrigation supply line last...
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    How important is draining pool water level?

    New pool. Water level generally stays in center of waterline tile. Waterline tile is 6 inches, so 3 inches below the coping or center of skimmer opening. However we do not have any "overflow" drain that I'm aware of...or it's standard building practice that I'm just unaware of. When it rains...
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    How to tell age of Muriatic Acid?

    Bought some of this from Home Depot. It doesn't have the potent fumes of the MA from my pool store. Nor is it the yellowish color. How do you tell whether it's still effective? I want to say the label has 01/13 on label. Hoping that doesn't mean it was formulated in Jan 2013? HDX 2x1-Gallon...
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    Umbrella wobbles in deck sleeve.

    How do you stabilize an umbrella pool in a deck sleeve? We had 2 inch aluminum sleeves pour in our deck. This rubber cone helps but doesn't go down far into sleeve so the bottom of the 1.5 in pole still moves around. Causes umbrella pole to tilt. Patio Umbrella Cone (Brown) Fits 1.5" Umbrella...
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    Adding bleach and acid

    Kimkats, what happens when MA and chlorine are added in one after the other without 15 min in between? I certainly don't combine them but do typically add them in morning before leaving for work. In relatively small amounts (6 oz bleach, 20 oz MA). Seems I've been able to maintain levels.
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    Miles' Pool Care - PH and CYA

    Jim R I too have been maint pH and FC with Muriatic acid and liquid bleach. My CYA is 20. Pool Math suggests 40. Should I still work on getting up to 40 even during these cooler months? Am using sock in skimmer basket method. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What to do when away, unable to test?

    For those who travel or have been away on summer vacation, what, if anything, do you do to maintain their pool for multiple days...2-3 days, 3-5 days? Can now see how a lot can happen within days. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Why does PB keep ask WHY a SWG?

    Before we built our pool, we had decided on a SWG and met with multiple PBs. When asked whether we Chlorine or Salt, each PB went out of their way to ask WHY salt, as if trying to talk us out of it. It quickly became annoying. Now, after pool is finished, I take a water sample in to be tested...
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    How much do you save by managing your own pool chemistry?

    Was curious how much everyone is saving by doing their own pool chemicals vs hiring someone? Am new to it, never hire anyone wife was asking about it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pentair freeze protection

    So even if in ScreenLogic I disable Freeze Protection for my IntelliFlo 2 VST, the pump itself will automatically activate its own freeze protection? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Can CYA stain plaster?

    I ended up dissolving CYA in warm water in a bucket and broadcasting some over deep returns. How long does it have to sit on bottom to bleach out light blue plaster? Have my robot running now to pick up and undissolved granules. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    VS pump and filter pressure

    How do you use this spreadsheet? Have a new 22,500 gal pool with newer IntelliFlo 2 VST. New plaster with robot running. Trying to determine a good pump RPM to run 24/7 for few weeks to filter plaster dust and surface skimmer debris. At 1600 RPM, my pump registering 249 W which the...
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    Non-permanent pool railing?

    Strange request. Am looking for some type of non-permanent hand railing to assist an older relative getting in and out of shallow end of our in-ground pool. We have steps but are in need of some support, balance and stability for them to hold onto. Candidly my wife and I weren't aware of this...
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    Who registers the pool equipment with the equipment manufacturers?

    When having a new pool built, whose responsibility is it to register the pool equipment with the equipment manufacturers? Is it the pool owner or builder's responsibility in order for the warranty to be valid? I noticed my Pentair equipment manuals said all equipment must be registered within...