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    First time pool SLAM

    Doing this for the first time, I have read through the instructions, but figured I would post my process in case there is anything I have missed. --We have noticed very small slimy green spots forming on the bottom of the pool over the last 10 days. Slowly getting bigger, so that as of this...
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    App feature idea

    Love the android app and use it multiple times a week. I wondered if there was a way to set it to ignore the phones dark mode setting. Dark mode when you are using the app pool side in the sun, makes it very difficult to see. It was great back when it ignored dark mode.
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    SWG / pump run time

    Hi! We have a superflo vs pump and a SWG. I'm having trouble keeping our FC under 10. We were told by a pool guy to keep the pump running at 1850 so that the SWG detected enough flow to generate. And indeed at 1800 or below the SWG deactivates with the low flow light. Currently the pump...
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    Pool light niche bonding mount broken

    Hi, I replaced my 120v pentair pool light today. It all went pretty smoothly, and the light is operational now. This is a 'new to me' pool that came with the house, so I don't know the history. I have not lowered the water, chipping out the old epoxy sealing the conduit sure sucked! However...
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    Pool light troubleshooting

    Our pool light was on during a rainstorm a few weeks back, and tripped the GFCI. Troubleshooting time! (I have a bit of electrical background so know what to touch and when). When I initially reset it, it came back on for a minute then tripped again, it did this a few more times, then started...
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    Just getting started with a pool

    Thanks for warm welcome over in the other thread! The water temp has just dropped enough for the SWG to stop generating, so I'm at a point where I would love to get some guidance. I have the pump running in 1600 RPM for 20 hours, then 2600 for 4 hours. Test results are: FC: 6 CC: 0 PH: 7.8 CH...
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    Hello from Wilmington, NC

    Hello! Just bought a house with a pool. Never owned one before, so I'm taking a crash course through this great website. Moved in 3 weeks ago and have not touched it yet, water still looks good. Ordering a test kit now (TF-100 & K-1766) If theres anything I should be doing up until that...