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    New Hayward Aquatrol not running

    This has been my summer for pool problems!!... replaced the motor as it quit working. Then the sand filter bust open, replaced that. Recently my SWG aquatrol stopped functioning properly... mainly the power switch did not work. And while salt cell looked fine, it was 7 years old, so I just...
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    Aqua trol won't switch off

    Thank you for the info. I will try this and get back to you. To answer the question though... When I plug in the aquatrol, it comes on, lights work, pump comes on, water flows through pool. But moving the switch from off to on or to timer or any position does not change anything. I cannot turn...
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    Aqua trol won't switch off

    I'll research that
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    Aqua trol won't switch off

    Thanks. I couldn't find anything specifically about this issue. I can't run diagnostics because the controller doesn't do anything when switched between off/timer/on. My salt cell is 7 years old. Would a bad cell causes this problem? Or is the the electrical system of the aqua trol itself?
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    Aqua trol won't switch off

    The only way I can get my aqua trol to turn off is by unplugging it. Timer no longer causes it to switch on/off at the set times, but even flipping the switch down in the "OFF" position doesn't do it. Also having a lot of trouble keeping chlorine levels up and with water getting cloudy, so I...
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    leaking sand filter

    Pool installed 7 years ago, so easy to maintain for the first 5, then started having a couple problems and was more trouble the last 2 years (keeping it clean, etc) Had the pump motor replaced about 3 years ago (can't recall exactly atm) This motor stopped working at the beginning of the year...