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    4 New Jandy deck jets for sale JDJ-2004

    I have a set of 4 Jandy deck jets. These are new and have the brass covers. Looking to get $225 shipped.
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    Recommend a pump for a slide

    I have a SR Smith Vortex slide that requires a max of 30GPM for the water supply. I currently have it plumbed via a 3 way valve from my 2 hp main pump which runs both the pool and spa. The issue is that I can't run the slide and heat the spa at the same time. My plan is to add a new 110v pump...
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    Jandy automation equipment questions

    I am looking at purchasing a Jandy SWG and after looking at the control options, I'm thinking about full automation. Their website is a little confusing as to what components are needed. I would like to control up to eight relays via android device. I know this requires the iAqualink. Does...
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    Restoring a polyethylene pool slide

    I just purchased a SR Smith Vortex slide for my pool. The slide was at a Holiday Inn, and the new owners thought it was too much liability. The slide is 10'7" tall and 19' long, $14k new! Overall it is in great shape as it is only three years old, and was used on an indoor pool. I am...
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    For Sale - Anderson Pressure Testing Kit

    I bought the Anderson Route Mate 32 piece pressure testing kit to check my plumbing. They sell for $385. I used it one time, and only 3 of the fittings were even used. I'd like to get $275 for it. PM me for details.
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    DIY (mostly) remodel in SE New Mexico

    For starters, I wished we had taken more pictures. (and to just with our phones). Back in January, I had a dyed and stamped concrete patio poured to complete our 800sf addition. I'll add some pictures of the addition too. It was also diy, with the concrete and stucco being the only things I...