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    Pool is GREEN. Help

    Just want it to look halfway presentable for company on Friday evening. We are done swimming for the year. Is 4 packets of shock crazy? 16x32 in ground. yes I have a real test kit (from this site) but I know just from experience that I need to SLAM it
  2. J

    Pool cover - was quoted $1200

    For a ultra fine mesh cover. Its a 16' x 32' in ground without any steps. They said they would take my old cover and use it as a template. We have a TON of leaves and they sat on the old cover and broke down all year long to the point where the pool took 2.5 weeks to clean and clear up when we...
  3. J

    Need some help lowering alkalinity please

    I use the TF-100 test kit. My TC was off, as was my Alkalinity. It told me to lower PH to 7.0-7.2 before treating Alk. I got my PH down to 7.1/7.2 using muriatic acid and now im ready to treat the Alk but I cant get the calculator to tell me what to do next? I have Borax ready. I think thats...
  4. J

    Liquid Chlorine...what do I select on the pool math app?

    This is the product I’m using. 2.5 gallon
  5. J

    Should I use the in-line chlorinating basket?

    It seems like this forum is all about monitoring and adjusting based on testing. Does anyone use the in-line chlorine basket in the return line? I have one but haven't used it before. Something to consider? And if so, what kind of chlorine should I be using?
  6. J

    My TF-100 test kit results

    Just received my kit and did my first test. This is my first year owning a pool. Any advice would be great. Over the last week I got it from swamp green to being able to see the bottom of the deep end with ease. I know my chlorine is high right now but thats about all I know haha Chlorine - 10...
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    Now what?

    Let me preface this by saying I just found this forum a day or so ago and I just ordered my TF-100 test kit You see progress pics below of the last three days of the newly opened pool. All I have to go by right now is the strip test kit until the TF-100 arrives, but I dont want to waste...
  8. J

    Can anyone tell me how many GPM this pump is good for?

    Its about 10 feet from my pool and level with it.
  9. J

    Suggestions on how to fix this leak?

    Im going to attempt to use JB Water weld for a short term fix while I order another valve but im open to other suggestions. Its sucking air enough to where I dont have enough suction to vacuum at this point...(dont mind the shaving cream, thats how I found the leak lol). Its leaking where the 2"...
  10. J

    When I turn off my pump, it backs up?

    Any idea why this would happen? I turn the pump off and the water backs up and bubbles out the skimmer, to the point where it blows the lid off. Is this normal?
  11. J

    Just opened our pool and it looks like this

    We bought the house last fall and had it professionally closed. I opened it up to this mess about a week ago. I had it pretty clear with just a bunch of sediment on the bottom. I put the vacuum in to do its thing yesterday and now it looks like this today and I cant get enough suction out of the...