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    Reasonable price to add automation?

    I self installed a Jandy iaqualink 2.0 and all the related stuff during our remodel. $3k sounds like a great deal.
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    Recommended additions to make pool more fun?

    I added a SR Smith Vortex enclosed slide. There is a constant line to ride.
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    Filter pressure high when in spa mode

    I max my pump RPM in SPA mode which increases the pressure. Depending on the number of jet,s it would be normal to see the restriction cause a rise in pressure.
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    Pool deck caulking question

    You don't caulk them. I did grout mine, but I've never seen anyone else do it.
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    Keeping glass tile clean

    Even with near perfect chemistry, I have white build up on the tile surface. It takes muriatic acid and a pumice stone to remove. I do this twice a year.
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    Keeping glass tile clean

    If I could do it over again, I'd skip the glass tile.
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    Can Pentair Warrior climb ability be limited ?

    Manual says that it does not climb on quick clean mode.
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    My Pentair Warrior SE only runs for 20 minutes or so.

    My Warrior SI worked for one day. After that it would only run for 5 minutes at a time. Marina sent a return label and a new Warrior is on the way. I hope this one does not have the same problem.
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    Will this design cause maintenance nightmares?

    Stairs in one corner only. No need for all four.
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    Starting out on a renovation

    Pool deck is completely independent of anything about the pool. I can always be done later.
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    Plumbing question - what size?

    2" would work, but I would insist on 2.5" for all three. There is a trend on this site recommending no main drain. I like being able to balance the waterflow. My water at 9' deep is cooler than the 92 degrees it is on the surface.
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    6 way valve for sand filter inground pool

    Same problem here. Even with a new gasket on the diverter, it still leaks. I'm about to switch to a cartridge, but for now I put a pipe plug in the back wash line. I take it out when I need to backwash.
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    Buried Pool renovation

    I guarantee those cracks are thru the shell. I fixed several with carbon fiber staples during my remodel.
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    Spa spillway advice

    I would never have ledger stone in a pool.
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    Convincing the wife

    It can be tough to convince someone. I managed to get by for 12 years without this website and I have friends that manage with pucks. Many people find this site once they get in trouble. I know the science is correct, that is why I do it.
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    Sr smith turbo twister

    I have a SR Smith Vortex which is almost 11' tall and 21' long. I installed it when my son was 4, he is 8 now. I bet that slide has had over 100,000 rides. It is the most popular feature of the pool. The only downside I can think of is the $20k price tag.
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    Landscaping Around Pool

    We did dry riverbeds out of the beach pebbles, but they are only $100 a ton here.
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    Interviewing Pool Builders -- A Few Observations

    1. No main drain. The only place I've seen pushing it is this forum. I'm glad I have one, and use it often.
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    How much is gunite or fiberglass worth over vinyl?

    The only vinyl pools around here are above ground. Even fiberglass is looked at as cheap. Funny how region sets this.
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    Critique this PB Quote - Thanks!

    Many people including myself use a suction cleaner. I prefer it over a robot that has to be removed all the time.
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    Jandy OneTouch display

    I would upgrade to the iaqualink at this point.
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    Variable pump with iaqualink

    I buy all my Jandy stuff thru ebay.
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    Bad pool boy!

    On the equipment? Tattle. Near the equipment? Who cares.
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    Super dense mesh vs solid cover with pump

    I had a mesh cover and will never have another one. We are in the desert and the wind blows in the spring. The deep end had a foot of mud in it when we opened for the summer.
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    Is there a pool vacuum that's amazing?

    Hayward Aquanaut or the original Pool Cleaner. I think robots are a pain in the Rear.
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    partially blocked skimmer line

    My skimmer line clogged with pine needles. I jumped in the pool with a 50 snake and unclogged it.
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    Variable pump with iaqualink

    I have the Jandy E Pump 2.7. that works with my iaqualink.
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    Prevent Concrete from Cracking

    I have over 3000SF of dyed and stamped concrete with cut control joints. I was tired of cleaning the dirt out of them so I grouted them. Grout will still allow for the joint work properly.
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    Help! What do we choose for a water sanitizer?

    I'm in the automated liquid chlorine camp, but salt would be a close second.