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    New variable speed pump tripping breaker

    I just had a Supermax VS 1.5HP professionally installed to replace my Hayward 1HP of 15 or so years (bought the house 5 years ago no idea of real age). The new pump keeps tripping the dual 20A breaker every few hours. I called the company who installed it and they said I have to hire an...
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    How much can you expect to save with a variable speed pump

    Between my AC and my pool my electrical bill doubles this time of year to just over $300. I know my pump doesn’t have much life left, has been loud for 5+ years. This year I had to help it start. I can probably get the rest of the season and potentially one or two more. But if the savings...
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    Pressure up and down and waste

    The psi is dropping to 0 and then going back to normal. I’m getting leakage in waste even though set to filter. I replaced the spider gasket last year and had the multi port key assembly rebuilt this year as it was leaking. It is not now. the motor had to be hand started this year for the...
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    Should I replace my motor?

    I have a Hayward 1HP Motor which came with the pool when I bought my house about 4-5 years ago. It was loud and was told it doesn't have much left to it. It has run great (but very loud) for that time, not a single problem. This year the motor wouldn't start and just hummed. I took the back...
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    How to not open to a green pool

    I’ve been using the troublefree method for 3 years now and I love it. But closing never works for me. Every time I open it is dark green. I can recover it in about 4-5 days but is forest green crayon green. Is there any way to prevent this or is this just what to expect in New England. I...
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    Wireless Pool Thermometer Suggestion

    I'm looking for a Wireless Pool Thermometer, anyone have one they use that works well? I'd like one solar but haven't seen any options for it but suspect the battery life is pretty good.
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    Non-Stabilized Powdered Shock

    What is the verdict on this? I've been using it to close (Leslie's brand) and it is so much easier than 20 bottles of liquid chlorine every few weeks. Is it as good as liquid if it doesn't include stabilizer? It is so much easier to stock up on and carry around, but it is more difficult to...
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    Rocks under liner

    I've asked about this before but I didn't get a clear answer. We had a new liner installed last year and there are lots of rocks under the liner. I'm guessing 10+. Most of them are not sharp but I did find at least one that is fairly pointy. The ones I refer to range from 1" round and half...
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    Cellulose fiber vs D.E.

    What's the consensus on this? I've been using D.E. but cellulose fiber looks very attractive due to light weight and "better filtering" but my gut tells me it's not as good and just marketing bs.
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    Hasa Liquidator hard to install? Worth it?

    I was thinking about on getting the Hasa Liquidator this year. Is it easy to self install? Is it worth it?
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    Four days later...

    How do I clean the staining on the steps?
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    Is 02 as good as powder

    My 001 stopped responding and now I'm not sure I can trust my powder (both from last year stored in cool dry place). I am in middle of slam so I ran to Leslie's and they have 001 but no powder but they have liquid 002.
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    He crystal clear water last year and this is how it opened

    I had brought chlorine to SLAM levels and used algae prevention (only non-TFP chemical I used all year). How could I have prevented this? I'm removing the cover and going to start a SLAM. The process I am going to do: Reinstall plugs to pump basket and filter Remove plugs from jets and...
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    First open

    I used TFP last year with our new pool and it worked great. I took a peek under the cover and I can see the water is green. Not a dark green but more of a light green but hard to tell until I take the cover off. We are leaving for five days on Friday and I am not sure if I should try to open...
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    Closing pool ph is 7.2-7.3

    I already started to blow out lines. This has been an on going processes as many things didn't work. Ended up going the cyclone route after testing compressor and shop vac and blow out plugs. This has been done over two weeks and I've been maintaining high FC so it will be ready. I...
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    Drain Plugs Hayward Super Pump

    What is the difference between the two drain plugs on a Hayward Super Pump? Are they both drains? If you were hooking up a compressor to blow out the lines, does it matter which one you use?
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    Blown compressor clearing main drain

    This closing is becoming a nightmare. I didn't have much luck with a shop vac so I got a home depot 150 psi 6g compressor. I set it to about 10 psi and left it running. About 5-10m later I smell burning look over and I can see sparking in the engine and can smell the motor burning. Didn't...
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    Safety cover bolts stuck

    I'm trying to losen the safety cover bolts so we can put the cover on when done closing and they so tight they bent the Allen wrench tool.
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    Will this be a problem in New England?

    They don't seem to be draining. I'm worried about cracked cement when I open. This is the first time closing the pool myself.
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    What should FC be when closing pool?

    In the guide, it says to slam the pool, then let it come down to normal levels. I also read other people saying they close the pool at slam levels.
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    Ladder post hole

    I pulled my ladder out and the two holes filled up with water. Is there anything I need to do to prevent them from freezing and cracking the cement?
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    Got a pipe installed, should I add a return?

    I have a 20.6" x 42.6" pool that has one skimmer, one main drain and two returns. There is a third pipe run that used to be for some cleaner or something but it is currently closed off. I was thinking about making this another return and piping it into the existing returns. This will be...
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    First closing

    I've watched a lot of videos and printed out the Pool School "Closing an in ground pool" guide. I want to do the closing tomorrow. I am comfortable with most of it, but the blowing out the lines is my biggest concern. I've seen many different ways to do it, and want to be sure I do this...
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    DE in pool

    I just did my first backwash a few days ago and I noticed DE in the edges around the pool. I have read it is normal will show up in the pool but how much is considered ok? I added 8lbs to a Hayward DE7200. I noticed quite a bit in the edges and in the divots but if I was to guess i would say...
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    Is it common not having to backwash?

    We got our first pool when we purchased our new house last year. When we opened it this year and replaced the failed liner, the company who did the maintenance gave us some advice how to maintain the pool. I never followed his advice as I learned about TFP and have been doing it since. The...
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    Can use Dolphi M400 during slam?

    I need to slam my pool, can I continue using my M400 during this or should I keep it out?
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    Is it common for new liners to keep falling off and holes in cement floor?

    This is our first year with this pool and on the memory weekend in May we had a new liner put on our pool. Since then, there has been at least one spot where the liner has popped out at least 2-3" wide, and currently we have 6-7 pop outs one being over a foot long. The installer has been back...
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    To add borates or not and other questions.

    First off, I love this place. Our pool has been amazing, 40,000 gallons and it is the clearest pool I have ever swam in. My current readings from the TFT-100 are: TA = 100-110 FC = 4 CC = 0.5 CH = 75 pH = 7.2 CYA = 60 I've been dropping my pH using muriatic acid to try to get my TA down. It...
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    Need chlorinating liquid

    I've been using TFP all season on our first pool. I'm down to 2 bottles of 10% chlorinating liquid from Walmart but all the walmartds in the area (according to their website) are out. With the size pool we need nearly a bottle a day and last time I checked bleach was at least twice the price...
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    So far so good

    Been reading a lot and asking a few questions for our new pool. We moved last year and got a huge pool with the new house. It needed a new liner which we got done at the end of May. Since then I have been using TFP method and so far everything has been great. The pool looks and feels great...