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    Spa Water Level Low - Pool High

    Hi Guys, new for 2020. The water in my spa is 4 inches low. The water in pool is high. This is after the filter runs at night. Thanks
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    Can't tell if my chlorine tester is bad?

    First time experience since we had pool over 7 years. Went out to swim and was overwhelmed by smell of Chlorine. Thought it was over chlorinated. Took out my floating chlorine tablet floater for a week now. In sunny, hot Arizona, the water is still testing like this in photo. I still think...
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    Umbrella In Concrete

    Hi Guys, is it possible for me to add these holes/inserts in my concrete on an existing pool. I want to put 3 umbrellas around my pool list this.
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    Umbrella Holders

    I would love to have three of these on my pool deck. Are they hard to install after the pool is already built. Thank you
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    Pump Noise and Priming Issues

    Hi Guys, my pump is constantly repriming at start up. Also, when the pump is shut off, you can see the pump drain itself. Also, the motor is making a rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr noise. I have owned the pool for 5 years and all the symptoms are new. Also, just cleaned all filters and strainers...
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    Pump Keeps Re-Priming

    Every time I turn on my pump, it is re-priming. The pool water level is fine. I don't see any plumbing leaks. Air is getting in the system as the floor cleaning heads shoot out air bubbles until it clears.
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    Pigeon Deterrent

    PVC Composite wood and stainless steel spikes. I put this on the hot tub when we are not swimming. Next step, BB gun.
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    Floor Cleaner Carnage

    My lid self-destructed last night while I slept. Amazing how much the pool drained itself. Side of house flooded. Wish there was a fail safe to shut to pump off when this happens..
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    Pop Up Head Disintegrated - Can't Find

    Hi Guys, one of my pops up came apart in the pool. The spring the bottom cap never came out of the plumping. Any thoughts on how to get it out.
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    Flow Problem - Blocked - Pop Ups?

    Flow to the pool nearly stopped, spiking the pressure in the filter to 45psi. The filters are perfectly clean. No blockages in the pool or skimmer. I took apart the A&A Manufacturing Six Port Housing and found one pop up shaft laying in the bottom (see photo) and several just about to come...
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    Filter Release Valve Leaking

    After my last filter cleaning, when I close the orange relief, it still allows air to leak out. Can hear it. Is there a fix or is the part shot. Thanks!
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    Tile in Spa and On Dam Wall

    Hi Guys. Can you help me make some decisions. I need to replace the tile on this spa. Can any tile person do it, or do I need a pool contractor? I can replace just the tile on top, but would like to do the face of the dam wall. Any pros/cons to do that. I imagine then I would need a pool...
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    Sand in Pool from Cleaning Heads

    Hi Guys, I can't find a way to get out the little piles of sand at bottom of pool that are created by the cleaning heads. If I use a regular net on a pole, sand falls right through. Thanks
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    Squeaking or Bearing Noise when Cold?

    This morning I tested the pool equipment. It was about 45 degrees. The pool motor was making a intermittent errrrr, errrrrrrrrr, err, errrrrrr noise. I tested again this afternoon when it was 68 degrees and the noise was gone. Should I take any action at this point. The pool is 11 years...
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    Leak - Is there a gasket behind this..

    Hey Guys, can you let me know how to fix this leak. Thanks!
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    Want to Replace Motor before it Goes Out

    My pool motor is 7 years old. There is just a little bearing noise when it starts up. I was thinking of replacing just the motor (not the pump) now while it's still working so I am not caught by surprise now that is summer in Arizona. I don't want to go to variable now. Just the motor. Do...
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    When should I start - Arizona

    I only have my pump running for one hour all winter. Now the temps are 90 during the day and 55 at night. When should I start my normal chlorine treatments and running the pump for longer periods. We are not swimming yet. Probably won't until end of May. Thanks
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    Fitting Leak - Repair Options

    Hi Guys, pictured is the tube that runs from my filter head. It looks the I have a lead from the threaded part of this fitting that goes into the PVC. Is there a way to fix this without having to replace the PVC? Thanks! - - - Updated - - - - - - Updated - - - Hmm. The photo is turned...
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    Laars LX400 - Invalid Command Error - Adjusting Temp

    Hi Guys, today I put the pool in Service Mode and turned on the Heater. Everything is running fine except I am trying to adjust the temp setting from the Laars LX control panel. When I try to adjust the temp, the display gives me "Invalid Command". Any thoughts? Heater is running fine...
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    INYO Pools Supplies

    I thought I would try INYO pools since others here like them. I spent $500 on a pool filter lid. Today I got the item, not properly packaged. Amateur tape job. No padding on the bottom of box. The filter had big gouges and chips. Now I have to send it back. Have you had good luck with...
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    Replace wire - Laars LX Heater to Aqualink - 4 strand copper

    Hi Guys, I need to replace the wire from heater to Aqualink. 4 solid copper runs. Can't seem to find this at Home Depot. The LX has four wires, red, black, yellow, green. What do you recommend.. Thanks!
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    Heater Came On by Itself - Aqualink RS

    Its not my day today. I put the system in Service Mode from the Aqualink RS controller, started the filter pump and the heater came on by itself. I did not push the heater button and also, the red light on the Aqualink control panel for the heater was not lit up. Any thoughts..Thanks!
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    Hayward SwimClear C7020 Top Lid Cracked - Leaking

    Hi Guys, the upper lid is cracked and leaking. Just looking for some feedback on if I should sink more money into this filter as the replacement lid is $500. I replaced the bottom section two years ago. The 8 cartridges have 3 seasons on them. Thanks!
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    A&A Manufacturing Float Assembly Quik Water Leveler # 529342 vs Korky from Home Depot

    A&A Manufacturing Float Assembly Quik Water Leveler # 529342 vs Korky from Home Depot Hello Team, is there any difference between A&A's part which sells for $30 and the plain old Korky 528 valve at Home Depot for $8.00. Thanks!
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    Repair for Pebble Pool

    Hello Team, I have a couple places around my pebble pool where the material has come loose leaving gaps. What is the best product to fill the holes. Thanks!
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    Plumbing Question - Heater Bypass

    Hi Guys, I was re-plumbing my heater. As I was curious , I shut off the valve labeled Heater Bypass. I turned on the pump and water still flowed through the plumbing at the heater. I got a gusher right in the chest. :-) Am I missing something. What is the valve supposed to do... Thanks
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    LAARS LX400N-L - HI LIM SW Error - Replaced Switches and Harness

    Hi Guys, my heater will run for 15 minutes and then throw the HI LIM SW Error. I replaced the High Limit Switches twice and also just replaced the harness and still same problem. I don't seem to have a flow problem. Filters are clean. Everything else on the pool is working. Thoughts on...
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    Pumping Station Restoration - Before/After

    Well, I spent 2 weeks, working 3-4 hours a day doing some restoration work on my pumping station. 10 years in the AZ sun was hard on it. I replaced all the conduit, found/fixed two plumbing leaks, changed out some wiring, replaced all rusty hardware, caulked cracks in the concrete pads and...
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    Laars LX250 Heater - HI LIM SW Error

    Hi Guys, my heater is shutting off and showing this error - HI LIM SW (hi-limit switch). I bought the Zodiac R0022700 135 Degree F Hi-Limit Switch Replacement Kit, ran the heater again and I am still getting the HI LIM SW error. Any thoughts I what I need to replace next? Thanks! G
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    Pump Strainer Lids Sun Beaten - No Longer Clear

    Hello Guys, the lids on my two pumps and leaf vac used to be clear so you could see if there was water moving. Now after years in the Arizona sun, they are all foggy. Is there a way to restore these, or would I need to replace. Thanks!