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    Pluming overhaul

    That time of year again all. Good luck all with all your maintenance and may your water be balanced crystal clear! I recently went through a pluming overhaul. I was pushing sand and rock out the waste port. So what has been done. 1.) All filter internals replaced 2.) All filter externals...
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    Help Identifying Rope Eye

    Long story short. Liner replaced and builder gone unresponsive. So I am trying to identify this to replace it as he threw it away during the replacement. I can tell you that is was plastic/polymer and it is threaded on to a threaded rod sticking out of the side of the wall. Currently the...
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    Making bulk 12.5%+ more manageable?

    Ok so I like Dave but my 12.5 bleach in bulk in 5 gallon containers. Over the years I have saved a few 1.5 and 1 gallon bottles to make the process a little bit more manageable. Needless to say I am growing tired of my transfer method. I siphon over a full hour 10 gallons into assorted bottles...
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    The Simple Pleasures of Pool Ownership

    Share your simple pleasure. The moment when the aroma hits you from your perfectly balanced water. Just a hint of chlorine smell that assures you it is doing its job perfectly. :party: This was brought on by my last addition of corrective action to my new fill water after liner replacement...
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    Spray on duct tape and liner?

    So my liner is on it's last legs. It is starting to tear in places above the waterline. I have used clear patches on one tear but over time it just comes off. Also there is one kid that i know that just loves to pull on the patches i have in the pool. I just can't catch him. I was wondering if...
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    Something different every year!!!

    My pool is no longer neglected since spring is here. So I started Sat 4/18 with a dark green almost black pool. PH was 8.2+ CL 0 TA 50. Since it was so dark I chose a target of 30 for CL 7.5 for PH and TA of 120. So I added the appropriate amount of Baking soda, Muratic acid and 12.5% CL...
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    Local Liquid Chlorine Price Increase

    I went to get my 10 gallons(2 5 gallon cans) today. Paid $12ish as usual. Notice on the desk of an increase to $14.00 Sept 1st and then on Jan. 1st an increase to $17. So what is everyone else seeing for 5 gallons of 12.5% and are you being notified of an increase?
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    Patchless patch

    Has anyone used this before? I have a leak that is not taking a patch very well and was hoping someone has had good results with this.
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    Spider Gasket Replaced. Now What???

    So last year my filter multivalve started leaking. I put a ball valve on the waste port as a band aid. Well last month I replaced the spider gasket but I continued using the ball valve as a backup. Well this weekend I forgot to close it and I found out my multi is still leaking. I got the...
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    Diverter sucking air

    I have a Compool(PacFab) PTV-2T This one It is sucking air. I can't remove it as there are no unions just glued pipe. It looks from the parts breakdown that it is fairly simple to rebuild. Any tips or tricks anyone can...
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    I Think I am on my way

    Ok so I have been fighting this thing for a week now. I went and got a kit from duraleigh and I think I am on my way to a clear pool. Here are my numbers from this AM. Pool details 21500 VL treated with Triclor and Nature2. Pool still light green and cloudy. FC 8 CC 1.5 TC 9.5 PH 7.2...
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    Hayward offline feeder cleaning

    So I have this Hayward offline chlorine feeder. The one with the small black hoses. I bought a 2nd one because I used some Magic Lube on the first one. These things are only good for about 2 years. At that point they get so much crust on them that you can't close them properly. Since I have...
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    Noobie but not really

    Had my pool for 9ish years now. Was on PF long before the crash and am just getting caught up with the whole locked registration deal. It is a shame it was a great place it saved me tons of money over the years. So onward and upward.