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    extended period away from home

    wasn't sure where to put this, so I'll put it here...we are going to be away from home for probably 3 weeks to a month, and after finally taking control of my pool and getting the water perfectly balanced I now have to leave it for an extended period. also a little concerned about the fires in...
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    sudden pH jump followed by way too much acid

    i did a thorough scrubbing of my faux rocks yesterday afternoon, followed by dumping an old gallon of chlorinating liquid into the pool because i needed to just get rid of it (and by old, i mean several years (don't ask, lol) not anywhere near full strength). this morning, my pH had jumped...
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    SWG with a Timer

    Moved from here. another question about this: my SWCG is turned on/off by one of those yellow dial intermatic timers, but the pump is wired direct to the breaker because it has its own schedule built in. i always do my best to make sure the times match, but i guess occasionally they can be off...
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    preventing scaling in the SWCG (pentair IC-40)

    is there a good way to do this? i am pretty sure i've read somewhere hear since i started following TFP that if your water is always balanced, you should not have scaling in the that not true? my water has been nearly perfect (rarely outside of -0.2 to 0.2 even) over the past two...
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    how often do you test your fill water?

    i tested mine as soon as i got my TF-100, but how often should i be testing it after that? once a year? more often? never?
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    waterguru down?

    is waterguru not working today for anyone else? i guess they don't have active support on the weekends (which is crazy, but that's a different discussion)...and mine did not run its daily test today nor did the results come up when i hit "measure now" mid-morning. it did say that it found my...
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    what to do if colors on the CL/pH test are inbetween?

    just did my daily morning test with the K1000, and for the first time i noticed that the shade of red on the pH is obviously neither 7.5 nor 7.8, it's somewhere in between. is it valid to guess 7.6 or 7.7, or is it best practice to log it as one or the other (and if so, which one)?
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    what time of day should i be worrying about minimum FC level?

    i have been testing my water with both a waterguru sense and a TF-100 for about 2-3 weeks now, and i think i have everything pretty well dialed in. my ph has been reasonably stable around 7.6-7.7 (i'm only having to add acid once a week), and all the other numbers are pretty well in line with...
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    extreme TA drop, is this even possible?

    without getting into too much backstory (because it's confusing and i'm stupid for thinking pool store tests were ever valid to begin with): is it even possible for TA to drop from 85 to 22 in a matter of two weeks with just 3 acid additions over that time period? long story short: i'm just now...
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    zero chlorine / low CYA

    went to the pool store yesterday to have water tested after a two week vacation, and found that the salt level was low and as such my TC and FC are both zero. dumped a few bags of salt in yesterday and the salt level is now good again...but this morning we also found a dead baby rabbit who must...
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    Help with labeling plumbing?

    Hoping someone can help me with this (see pic)...trying to find out what to label each valve. The ones I do know are the two that are one right above the other (pool/spa suction, pool/spa return). One thing I'm confused on though is that even when they are both set to spa off, i still have...
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    adding acid for first time tomorrow, a few questions...

    so i've been reading and watching videos pretty much all night to prepare for this, just wanted to ask a few questions to make sure i do it right and don't kill myself or the pool in the process... 1) recommended way to do it seems to be to pour it slowly from just above the water surface in...