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    Intex Auto Pool Cleaner Stuck Wheels

    This is my second year using this robot. Last summer it ran 24-7 this summer is about 8 hours a day. It has always worked perfectly until just recently. I noticed that the 2 swivel wheels don't always go strait, they sometimes get stuck sideways and drag across the pool bottom making the...
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    Intex Ultra Frame Round 26' Build

    Marked out the area for the new 26' Ultra Frame, you can see the pink spray paint in the grass. The area already dug out was where the old 18' Easy Set was. Getting started on the digging. After another day of digging.
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    Walmart pool supply and Coleman opinion

    I'm looking for an Intex Ultra Frame 26'x52" pool and have a few questions. 1. When does Walmart typically get their supply of pools for online ordering? 2. How much have you paid for the Intex 26'x52" at Walmart? 3. I see they currently have a Coleman 26'x52" for sale online for $999. Does...
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    Intex hose o-ring

    FYI found replacement o-rings for the hoses and filter pump for the intex pools. I have an 18x48 easyset, not sure if the ultra frames have the same size but I'd guess most Intex are the same. It's a number 25. 1-1/2" OD, 1-5/16" ID, 3/32" wall or 38mm x 32mm x 2mm Purchased mine at Menards...
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    Am I on the right track to clear up cloudy water?

    CYA = below 30 PH = 7.2 Cl = 0.5 TA = 230 CH = 270 My pool has been looking good all summer. A few weeks ago it didn’t have the sparkle that it used to have. Recently it has been looking a little cloudy (not green, just cloudy) and very recently noticed some light brown stuff on the bottom of...