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    Pentair easytouch comm problem

    I'm having what appears to be a comm problem with my easy touch. I have screen logic, variable speed pump and chlorinator all from pentair. They have all had some issue the past few weeks. I would get email alerts that the chlorine generator lost comm. I've had issues connecting to the screen...
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    Scrubbing diamond brite making uneven look

    I had my roof replaced, and during the process some roofing nails got into the pool and left some rust spots. Unfortunately, the roofer decided to try to remove the spots and used a brush (some sort of metal I assume). There is one spot where he really scrubbed, and now there is more aggregate...
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    Pool remodel in FL

    Let me start off by saying this is my first pool, and it came with a house I recently purchased. I've been browsing the forum the past couple months to try to learn, and there is some amazing information on here. I thought I would start a thread to get some input from you more knowledgeable...