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    FROG System vs Saltwater System

    I'm trying to decide which is a better option, Saltwater system or FROG system...anyone care to chime in? If so, why do you suggest what you suggest? I understand about the rust concern, really, I'm just looking for affordability and ease of use. Thanks for your input!
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    Leveling clay

    Thank you for giving some hope! We're using masonry sand. Posts will be put on pavers. Because of the dish type dig I can't use any of the ground covers. I also can't figure out how to downsize my pictures...
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    Leveling clay

    Hello! We're new to pools, and are DYI-ing it all the way. We're getting a used pool from someone we know and just started excevating our yard. We have leveled the ground really well, however it's not smooth because of the skid steer tire tracks. We have all clay soil, so it's like digging into...