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    Readings Comparisions

    So the sales guy that installed my automated liquid chlorine/acid system came by to do a post installation check up and while he was there he took some readings and sent me this screen shot, see attached. I am assuming this is a computer generated reading? The CCL is what got me, if it was...
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    Trouble with Stains

    I have a large area with discoloration and it is only on the shallow end 5ft and less. It doesn't come up with brushing so I tried putting a puck in, left it for 30 min and nothing, got in and scrapped it on the bottom and it didn't streak. Some kids were able to scrape their initials on the...
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    Liquid Chlorine/ But green tint

    So, this summer I have been mainly using liquid chlorine, going through 15-20 gallons a week. I am also supplementing with tabs because of my high user load. Pool hasn't been that bad mostly just a little cloudy but, the last week or so it has been having a green tint. Got desperate so...
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    Bad Scum Build Up

    Is there any product that helps prevent the scum build up right above the water line? I add defoamer to the water pretty regular but the nasty fungus looking brownish gunk builds up pretty often on the tile. Its very stubborn to get off too, scraping it doesnt even get it all the way off. Ive...
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    In the Swim Chlorine Tabs

    Anyone have trouble with really high levels of stabilizer in intheswim chlorine tabs?
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    Anyone have any experience with Rola-Chem pumps for liquid chlorine injection systems?
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    Chlorine tabs/ Liquid Chlorine

    Just registered to the site but I have been referring to this forum for 2-3 years when I have issues with my pool. We have 60,000 gunite pool just recently replastered (this is our second summer with it being renovated). During the renovation I had new skimmers installed and plumbing around...