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    First test of the year...looking for guidance

    Opened the pool a few days back. There was a hole in the liner, leaving only about 20" of water at opening. I have filled to the top. Below are my initial readings. I know adding all the new water is the reason the CYA is so low. 10ish is a guess as I had to fill the tube all the way to the...
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    Liquid Chlorine question from a new guy

    I started looking locally for liquid chlorine. I found PolyGuard Ultra Shock at Blain's Farm and Fleet for $12.99 for 4 gallons. The specs say Sodium hypochlorite 12.5% by weight. This would work right? Is this a good deal? I went to the store as I wanted to find the date info. I took some...
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    New to the forum...8 year pool store visitor :)

    Admittedly, my pool has been fairly easy to least in my eyes...maybe not yours :). The pool store I purchased it from sold me on EZ Pool and the Nature 2 system. I've used both since I've owned the pool. I traditionally open the pool in Mid-May and close it down in early...