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    DIY Flow Switch Replacement..Pictures

    Considering I can buy 3 non Hayward ones for the price of a Hayward one. I am not complaining just yet. We shall see how it looks when mine gets here tomorrow.
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    DIY Flow Switch Replacement..Pictures

    How long have you had this system? Mine is now on 3rd season and my flow switch just failed this week... Only 2.5 season is quite disappointing...
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    Pluming overhaul

    Well I finally was able to finish the plumbing overhaul. This weekend I put another 3 way diverter in to control between returns and seat jets. I can now turn one or the other on/off. If I need both I can simply remove the stops and select both..... The noise is no longer there. It had to...
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    my pool is a disgrace

    Brenda. Read read read and listen listen listen listwn to what they are telling you. Minus the leaves and sludge. My pool looks just like this every spring. 1 week from that to crystal clear. Make sure the bottom is clear of as much debris as possible and filter bottom drain only for a bit...
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    Pluming overhaul

    Been down for a bit. Back issues and trying to get pool ready for a party. Measurements. Feed from the pump is 1.5 inch in diameter. I do not think it is a design issue. If you look at these pictures you can see the clean area. I think this is where the cavitation was happening on the old...
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    could this be from a floating liner?

    My old liner did that in a 3rd of my pool. I was never able to get it out... very frustrating. I did however continue for 4-5 years with it and never had a problem...
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    Pluming overhaul

    Yes I do. I will measure when I get home or in the AM. I do not think anything is that small but you never know. The PVC is 1 3/4 stepped down to the threaded size and the I may get even smaller inside but I do not think it gets as small as 3/4
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    Pluming overhaul

    The noise is loudest at the MP right where the pump feeds it. Awesome to find out I am not alone. I was concerned it was something I did with my overhaul. I suspect it is since I indeed increases flow by replacing a few 90's with 45's and I removed the nature 2 which I considered a...
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    Pluming overhaul

    Sorry? :-) Yes slide only it goes away. Seat jets and returns at 14 it is still there but significantly reduced.
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    Pluming overhaul

    Pressure after backwash 12 PSI MD and Skimmer on. All returns including slide on. Pressure after backwash 22 PSI MD and Skimmer on. Slide only Pressure after backwash 14 PSI MD and Skimmer on. Returns and seat jets only Pump is 35 inches so call it 3 feet above current water level...
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    Pluming overhaul

    Sorry did not answer thoroughly. Noise happens with any combination until the pressure rises. I will go down a little if I simply select slide but it is still there.
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    Pluming overhaul

    No change. Skimmer off to filtering bottom only due to slamming it.
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    Pluming overhaul

    Ok here you go. I am planning on replacing the T in the return and seat jets return with a 3way diverter just like the other two. I do not like that I cannot turn off the seat jets without turning off the returns. All pipes labeled in the pictures. The other pipe you ask about is the waste...
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    Pluming overhaul

    Multivalve is all new. Pluming cut out unscrewed and removed from filter and replaced with new. Are the gaskets you are talking about the ones between the Multi and the filter? I am not sure if they were replaced. What is the backwash valve you speak of?
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    Pluming overhaul

    Will make sure I post a solution if I find one.... It is definitely the in multivalve. At 26 seconds you can hear it the loudest. hat is right where the mic was on my iphone. Could the pump be creating the noise and it travel up through the pluming to the multivalve and be heard there...
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    Pluming overhaul

    Normal noise or more leaks to find? Anyone anything?
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    Pluming overhaul

    That time of year again all. Good luck all with all your maintenance and may your water be balanced crystal clear! I recently went through a pluming overhaul. I was pushing sand and rock out the waste port. So what has been done. 1.) All filter internals replaced 2.) All filter externals...
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    Klean Strip Green Muriatic Acid

    Crown Muratic Acid Next??? Sorry to bring this old thread back!!! I could not get my normal MA from Tractor Supply. So I sent my kid to Lowes and he came back with Crown Muratic Acid Next.... Don't care about strength... Simply want to make sure before I open that it is SAFE to use in the...
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    Help Identifying Rope Eye

    Long story short. Liner replaced and builder gone unresponsive. So I am trying to identify this to replace it as he threw it away during the replacement. I can tell you that is was plastic/polymer and it is threaded on to a threaded rod sticking out of the side of the wall. Currently the...
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    New Pool in NC...

    What is the box in the corner? I am looking at outdoor storage solutions and I like that.
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    {Newbie Needs HELP!} Cloudy Water, Sandpaper Liner

    I have been in your shoes. 8 years ago. Then I went to pool school. Read, read and then when you think you ave it read some more. Do not listen to the pool store anymore. I am going to bet you have the same issue I had calcium scale, although you calcium is not that high. Mine was through...
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    Special PVC Elbows For Pools?

    I alway buy them from HD or Lowes. Just get the ones that are the same size all the way you should be fine. Don't get the ones that look smaller in the actual 90.
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    Hello from NC!

    Welcome from Wake Forest! Awesome job slapping the Pool idiots in the face.
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    clogged pipe ... pla&ci_kw={keyword} Forget ever using a snake again if you have a pressure washer. Have had a few clogs similar in nature but not CYA. I convert my trigger to hose in and hose out vs. hose in and wand out. With the tip in the link(rubber cover...
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    Making bulk 12.5%+ more manageable?

    Power washer supply house is an option. That is were I get mine.
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    Making bulk 12.5%+ more manageable?

    Typically I do it in the evening when the sun is low on the horizon not in the blazing daylight sun. I am really not too concerned with the degradation that may happen during this period. The supplier I get this from stores a large pallet container of it on his dock during the day to...
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    Dave is a great guy and I feel privileged to be able to go to him to get my kits and refills.
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    Making bulk 12.5%+ more manageable?

    THAT is exactly what I am looking for. Bonus below it, cap wrench! I guess I just call them to order?
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    Poison ivy? Is there a botanist in the house?

    Best way to kill it. Spray the leaves with dawn dish detergent. Kills it dead fairly quickly. Use it all the time. Just realize that if you react to it you will still react after killing it when cleaning up. The oils are still on the dead parts.
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    Second rerturn in my AGP

    If it is a threaded eye for the return just go to home depot and get two threaded 90's and two threaded straights an a length of pipe and just fabricate a return that is lower inside the pool