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    Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus and Auto Cover question

    I just purchased this unit. Very excited not to have to manually vacuum again. My question is can it be used with my auto cover closed? I can put the power supply in a water proof area and will be able to run the electric cord for the unit where the cover opens. Not sure if the cover...
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    PH / ORB controller. Anyone use one.

    Rola-Chem Digital pH/ORP Controller - Generation II - RC554000 I am looking at this controller to take over the timer I have on my stenner liquid chlorine feed pump. Does anyone have an opinion. Is it a lot of headaches or does it run pretty good. The guy on the phone acted like the probes...
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    Algeacide 50.. Good or bad to use.

    From my research the best I can tell it does not have copper and if I use too much it will cause foaming. Wanting some extra help during the extremely hot months in summer. It only 8 or 9 dollars a bottle. I need 5 ounces a weekly dose. Not gonna break my bank.
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    Why does my pool get cloudy even when my FC is 8 to 9 ppm

    FC 9 CC less then .5 PH 7.4 TA 110 CH 230 CYA 40 For the secomd time my pool got cloudy. My stenner injection drifted up to a 9 ppm FC level so I shut it off for 2 days. Day 1 it went down to 8. The second day it was raining so I hurred and I tested in a different spot and got a reading of...
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    How much work is it to maintain a salt pool.

    Once you find a good setting with the generator are you good on Chlorine? How does the salt system affect your PH and TA? Curious if my life would be easier if I converted to salt?
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    Last night FC 6. Today 1 and a bit cloudy.

    So what the deal. It's really hot right now. Pool was 96 degrees on it's own. Does the hot water eat chlorine. My stenner injected 2 ppm today as well provided it was working properly. Normally it only loses 1.5 to 2ppm a day covered. It was covered today all but an hr or so. FC 1...
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    Loosing 3.5 to 4 ppm a day FC

    My CYA is 30. When my pool is covered I loose 2 ppm a day. But when it's open in full sun I am loosing 3.5 to 4 ppm. Ordered some stabilizer. Should I raise cya to 40 or 50? Or any other thoughts. It's really hot right now water temp is 93 to 95 degrees F on it's own. FC. 5 CC. 0.5 or...
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    Chlorine loss during the day

    So this morning I tested aroumd 11 am and got a 6.5 fc reading. Then added 33 ounces of 12.5 percent chlorine after we were done thinking I would be up around 9 or so but 4 people, a baby, and a dog were swimming. Just tested at 8 PM and got 6.5 again. So added another 33 ounces. May not be...
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    Want to say thanks and glad I found this forum. Plus a question.

    Its only been a month since I have started following your methods. After I got the pool balanced I can say I have the clearest water I have ever had since I owned the pool. Thank you for that. The bottom doesn't turn white from the powder shock and other powder additives I was using. My...
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    Whats a good pool pump with heater timer. Outdoor

    As the title says looking for a good outside timer that will shut the heater off before it shuts the pump off so I do not damage the heater if it were running. Tired of shutting it off manually everyday. Found the Intermatic T104P201 but the reviews are mixed.
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    Stenner pump for chlorine. Help with sizing and install ideas

    I have an 11000 gallon pool and want to have the liquid chlorine addition automated. Can you guys help me on what to do? Not sure about pump sizing and where do you tie it into the system. I currently have a 3 inch puck chlorinator that has a thread hole plugged off. I could add the stenner...
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    Not sure where to ask but how do I get the black mold out of my tile caulking

    Title says it all. I have mold or what ever it is on my tile grout and between the grout and tiles. Looks like it goes kinda deep. Scrubbing it does nothing. Thinking of squirting liquid chlorine on it with a syringe. If all else fails I bought a tube of caulking but might be a real pain...
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    Question about TA and my water test results.

    This is the first time I am trying liquid chlorine and this websites practice. Coming from using lots of 3 inch pool pucks and granular shock. My TA would drop weekly. Am I to understand correctly that it will no long drop on it's own anymore since I am not using Di Chlor. (Spelling?) I...
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    Does having a pool cover change the optimum CYA lvl

    Since my pool is covered all the time when not in use. Would a goal of 30 be better than say 50. Or does being covered not matter. And as long as I am between the happy mark all that counts? I have an 11,000 gallon fiberglass pool. It is also heated I keep it around 87 to 90 degrees F...
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    LaMotte ColorQ Pro-7 digital water test kit. Is it okay to use?

    Is this kit okay to use? I bought it before coming across this forum. Edit. Being a new pool owner I thought it would be easier for a computer to tell me the readings instead of compairing to a color chart. And a down side I see is it only reads up 10 ppm of fc. That wont work for the slam...