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    TF-100 test kit question

    Hello. I just did the Chlorine drop test and followed each step. My FC was 6 ppm. My CC was 1. Last week I did test my CYA and it was at 30. I just watched the pool school videos and it said CC over 0.5 mean there is a problem? Can anyone help me on this?
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    Please help me get my chemicals right

    We put up our pool last weekend but have not been bale to get in because I have failed to gt the chemicals right. According to my HTH test strip results my CYA is excessively high, My total hardness is high, and my free available chlorine. level is low. HTH recommends adding 18.3 lbs of HTH PH...
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    Please help! We cannot seem to get our chemicals right

    Hello. I just bought a round Coleman 18ft Vista Series II Pool. We upgraded the filter to the intex 2800 sandfilter. We have been trying to get the chemicals correct and safe for swimming for 3 days now. We bought the HTH test strips from Walmart and it indicated our total alkalinity was low...