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    Getting new liner in June, can I drain now?

    Just wanted to follow up on this. I ended up pumping the water out and it was fine. Walls are aluminum (not steel) and the bottom is vermiculite. 9 1/2 foot deep end and no issues! I'm sure it would've been safer to reinforce the walls or try to bleach the **** out of it for 2 1/2 months...
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    Getting new liner in June, can I drain now?

    Thanks for the reply! The liner leaks. Steel walls are at risk? Really? The ground part makes sense assuming its sand or something under the liner floor. The tarp-style cover it usually held up in part by the water surface. But since the water is leaking the cover dropped into the pool. Was...
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    Getting new liner in June, can I drain now?

    The pool water level has dropped down to where there's none in the shallow end and the deep end has only a few feet left. Before is becomes even more of a mess, can I drain it completely or will it cause problems? Inground, steel walls and vinyl liner.
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    Need a New Liner - What else?

    I'm going to be due for a new liner very soon. Does anyone have a recommendation for a company in the Rhode Island area? When I do replace it, is there anything else I should consider getting done at the same time? Is there any maintenance or nice-to-haves that are best done with the liner out?
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    DIY (mostly) inground vinyl 16x36

    That mini pool is awesome!