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  1. txtroutbum

    Pool level spa return replacement options

    While it's 98+ degrees in Texas, I'm dreaming about those few months when we will heat up the spa for an evening soak. We have a 7' x 7' square pool level spa with 8 seat level returns, each with a 1" eyeball. We also have a blower, but we rarely use it, as it's one speed and pretty aggressive...
  2. txtroutbum

    Travertine beam wall coping repair advice

    The cable guy was working on our neighbor's home and needed access to our back yard. To take a shortcut, he walked along the top of our beam wall and broke off two end pieces of travertine coping. Two adjacent tiles were also loose (see photos)... This seems like it should be a fairly easy...
  3. txtroutbum

    Adding a Pentair actuator to waterfall valve and EasyTouch

    I have an existing Pentair valve that is installed between my pool return pipe and the pipes for 3 waterfall/scuppers. I've never touched it, as I've controlled the waterfall flow on/off with variable speed pump. Looking at my equipment pad, it occurred to me that it should be easy to add an...
  4. txtroutbum

    Screenlogic iOS app scheduling spa with heat mode

    I use ScreenLogic on an iPad almost exclusively to control our pool and spa; I'd like to experiment with a schedule to turn on the spa, with heater, in the morning for a soak after my morning run. As I started looking at the iPad screen logic app to set up, I see that there is a "Heat Mode"...
  5. txtroutbum

    New to SWG: managing pH while away

    After a lot of help from this forum, we converted to SWG a few months back and it's been fantastic. I've gotten a good handle on where my SWG needs to be set to maintain good FC levels, and am now ready to head off for a few weeks of vacation with little worry. I have, however, seen a good bit...
  6. txtroutbum

    Unusual Salt Test results with K-1766

    We converted to a salt water generator a few weeks ago; had a pool company install, and I was with them the entire time. We added approx ~200 pounds of salt to the pool, which was consistent with what Pool Math said to do. Pool guy's test strips (a few days later) confirmed around 3600 PPM, as...
  7. txtroutbum

    Hair nets on vacation

    I'd like the collective wisdom of the crowd: I've been using hair nets in my skimmer baskets, changing weekly, usually the day our yard guy mows (clippings, etc that fly into the pool). We are leaving for 2-3 weeks of vacation, and I'm concerned that, if I use the hair nets while gone, they may...
  8. txtroutbum

    PoolMath: FC usage calculations?

    I've been using PoolMath for about 6 weeks, and have been trying to find a simple way to see what my average daily FC use is over that time period. I exported the results from PM into a csv file to review in excel, but realized the export did not include additions of liquid chlorine in the...
  9. txtroutbum

    Liquid Chlorine storage

    One of the first things I learned last year after building our first pool: a couple of pool owning friends advised me not to store the pool chemicals in the garage so as not to rust everything in site. So we got a plastic storage box for the side of the house, which is mostly shaded all day...
  10. txtroutbum

    SWG Conversion installers in Houston

    Am considering the switch to SWG; our system is all Pentair. Does anyone in Houston (west side) have a good reference for an installer? My original pool builder is super slow to respond. Considering DYI, but would like to get a couple of bids anyway. thanks.
  11. txtroutbum

    Vacation planning

    Fairly new to the TFP process, so would like some input on vacation planning. We recently drained off about 50% to lower CYA and have been following TFP since, with liquid chlorine from Wallyworld. (Am seriously considering SWG, but that's another thread...) We will be leaving for 2 to 3 weeks...
  12. txtroutbum

    Taylor kit refills

    Turning over a new leaf this year after our first year of pool ownership. This site has helped me understand what my PB did not explain... CYA> 100 meant pump and refill last month, followed by SLAM; pool looks great and I'm becoming very familiar with my local WalMart's pool section. As I've...