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    1993 renovation Tulsa, OK, seeking input!

    Anyone else w strong opinions for or against an auto cover or other thoughts about the plan?
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    1993 renovation Tulsa, OK, seeking input!

    So surprisingly the cover mechanism on the pool still worked after 27 years, it made a lot of grinding noises and sounded like it was about to break all the time, but it did the job. Unfortunately the installer measured it too short so when the cover shrunk a bit over winter it became too tight...
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    1993 renovation Tulsa, OK, seeking input!

    That's a good point on the deck size. It's one of those things where I've always seen it that size and shape, so I just assume "that's the deck" and should put it back the same way, even though i can actually do whatever i want once its torn up. I think the symmetry is worth keeping but might...
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    1993 renovation Tulsa, OK, seeking input!

    Well I've been creeping around these build threads long enough, I figure its about time to update this old tub. Would appreciate any input with the design we are working with. This is just concept, we haven't completely worked out how to actually execute any of this. Meeting with the builder in...
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    New build - Dallas (Prosper)

    Most likely turf. I am looking at a similar pattern but not sure if I’m completely sold. They are pretty low maintenance I believe, and if I guess if you have to get under the deck it’s a bit easier with pavers than having to break up a whole area of deck. I think the turf tends to stand up a...
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    Planning Houston area pool? Landscaping? Small Wax Myrtle warning here...

    This one is obvious but I would like to add crêpe myrtles to the “do not have near your pool” list. They are the worst.
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    New Build in Central Texas - Patio Build Out

    That deck drain doesn’t look removable. Those tend to get clogged up and stop functioning and look pretty terrible after a while. If you could still swap in a removable one..may not be worth it at this point though.
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    New Build in Central Texas - Patio Build Out

    Not a total waste if you start with a Stenner and end up switching to SWCG. Just convert the Stenner to acid.
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    I'm about to build my pool... I know nothing about pools

    I would say as a single mom with two kids and no job you should perhaps wait on a luxury item like a pool until you have some career and financial stability. Pools are money pits, building one is a gigantic money pit. Great to have a dream but savings are for saving not pools...