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    First Cleanout with cartridge filter

    Thanks!! Will definitely check that out
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    First Cleanout with cartridge filter

    Just did my first cleanout with my cartridge after the pool is a month old. Not because the pressure raised, but just to see what it looked like. My pool is 13k gallons and I have a 190sqft cartridge that’s manufacturer rated for 30k gallons. It was a little tan, but not bad at all. For...
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    Salinity testing

    So I just installed a new 24’ round 4’ deep pool with a salt system. The salt cell recommends 3500ppm which came out to 370ish lbs of salt according to the table in the manual. We added 9.5 bags which should get us right in the ballpark but my test strips are giving me a reading of over 5000ppm...