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    How do you clean your attached spa

    Just curious, for all of You with Gunite spas and pool robots, how do you clean them? Manual vac, battery vacuum, a broom, net, and time? Mine is a pain in the butt to keep clean even using a battery vacuum. Granted mine is from the 90’s and has no spillover to send most stuff into the pool, but...
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    Buying a Dolphin M600 today... any comparisons to Nautilus CC Supreme?

    After reading way too much about robots, almost buying an m600, then getting an s200 for less than half the price, I’m convinced the fancier ones don’t do any better of a job. Manual driving is neat but mostly a novelty. S200 has an active brush, , can be automated, and Is easy to clean. If any...
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    Solar Skimmer

    I had the sola skimmer for a couple weeks, ended up returning it. I noticed it just kicked a lot of the small stuff out the back, which was disappointing because that’s what I got it for. It also got in fights with my robot cleaner and ate its cord regularly and would get stuck, even with the...
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    Caretaker 99 pop up problem

    Having fought my old crappy system for a while, make sure 1. Flow is entirely diverted to infloor. I had my spa valve partially open, totally killed the pressure for the infloor. 2.If you have a variable speed pump, run it at full speed.
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    Pentair Warrior SE vs. Dolphin S200

    I bought the SE a couple weeks ago after growing tired of manually vacuuming this 35k gallon deep end pool I inherited and ohmygod this is so much better. Not always spotless but an extra clean or two a day gets just about everything. Remarkable how much stuff it picks up. I went back to the...
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    Solar Breeze ?

    I ordered a solaskimmer for 350 from Costco. Will let you know how it goes. Their website says they recently, as of January, updated the components to be more durable. Who knows if that pans out, but I’m pretty sure I get 2 extra years of warranty w my Costco card so if I got 3 years out of it...